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i just reached the max usage on my iphone 4.  I have like 4000 songs and there are some duplicates because of purchased through itunes and cd imports with different bitrates.  i am really glad itunes has the show duplicates funciton

going through all of my music and removing duplicates and things that I dont listen to anymore or lower bitrates… already deleted like 500 MB already and i am just in the Ds

have any of you done anything like this?

i saw the new ipod touch and saw the aluminum back and thought…. why didnt they do that with the iphone 3g? it looks so clean.. and is the same size as the iphone basically… just thinnner

one of the issues that has cropped up has been the cracking and hairline fracturing of the plastic case on the new shiny iphone 3g and one of the reasons why i stayed away

heck.. even the nano has always been all aluminum and now has glass display…and the old iphone had an aluminum back as well…

does apple think that the iphone 3g is worth less?  maybe that is where the saving came from on top of the subsidy that ATT is providing… quality seems to have taken a back seat to trying to crank out as many of these puppies as possible

i am waiting for iphone 3g gen2 at least… so they can figure out the 3g network issues they are having, the dropped calls issues, the cracking cases and maybe a better camera and larger hard drive…

for those not in the know.. the term pwn3d gamer/hacker speak for totally embarrassing or dominating somebody… usually in the game world of warcraft or something… derived from ‘owning’ someone and the typo pwning .. more on pwn later

well…you know that commercial with the pc and the mac guys talking and generally pwn’ing the pc with all of the features of the mac… all of the iphone commercials needs to be updated to say… don’t use safari on windows cause you will get hacked. and the iphone gets hacked too….

i love mac.. i was a mac only user until about 1999… when i got my first windows machine… i would also get n iphone if it was maybe a tad cheaper… and if the email functionality was better (i am spoiled by having been on a blackberry for like 6 years.. and having awful experiences with treo and hp mobile pc devices)

after all of the hype.. there are just gonna be loads of people that are going to try and bring apple down to size and expose them for weak security and faulty products…

even with all of the rave reviews… there continues to be a stream of bad news for the iphone…

first the activation issues, phone issues, third party application support issues, arp floods on wifi networks, slow speeds on edge network and not using 3G, the hack…

i will also wait until at least generation 2 or 3 of ANY apple product…

note the macbook products… second gens sports things like led screens, longer battery issues with overheating or plastic covering the fan vents

again… i love mac and would take one if given one.. but i am not ready to give up my blackberry curve for an iphone just yet…


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