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i saw the new ipod touch and saw the aluminum back and thought…. why didnt they do that with the iphone 3g? it looks so clean.. and is the same size as the iphone basically… just thinnner

one of the issues that has cropped up has been the cracking and hairline fracturing of the plastic case on the new shiny iphone 3g and one of the reasons why i stayed away

heck.. even the nano has always been all aluminum and now has glass display…and the old iphone had an aluminum back as well…

does apple think that the iphone 3g is worth less?  maybe that is where the saving came from on top of the subsidy that ATT is providing… quality seems to have taken a back seat to trying to crank out as many of these puppies as possible

i am waiting for iphone 3g gen2 at least… so they can figure out the 3g network issues they are having, the dropped calls issues, the cracking cases and maybe a better camera and larger hard drive…

so… started the process of adding albums to my mp3s again so we can have coverflow art on the ipod nanos… and i got to the “d”s and was sick of it already … you know what… i am gonna find one album cover that i like and apply it against all of the songs from that artists… that is gonna make this a lot more managable …

previously… i had my mp3 files listed with just artist and song title.. i hate all of the extra info like album, genre, etc.. and never used those features in itunes or winamp… and with my old ipods.. i never had to worry about it cause they were thhe old 20GB click wheel models that have and still work for me…

but i recently grabbed a couple of the new ipod nanos and they have video features and namely coverflow.. which is now pretty nice to have… at least eye candy wise

so.. i am gonna be spending a lot of time… where i was able to programatically rename, edit id2/id3 tags, and change everything to lowercase… i now need to manually go through and add in the album names and update certain things that i had changed for convenience to get ful use out of the coverflow on the ipods.. uggg…

so much for all the time i spent converting files over to mp3 format for ultimate portability…

maybe i will run the to a lower bitrate so i can fit more into the nanos …

i wonder if getting album art into the nanos would count as a decent anniversary present…


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