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the doomsday clock that is maintains by the bulletin of atomic scientists is now set to 11:55 from 11:53. 5 minutes to midnight
they cite a coming second nuclear age… iran,, iraq, north korea (weird.. the axis of evil) and stephen hawkings added climate change as the greatest threat..

no matter what…. we are all closer to dying…

for a bunch of really smart people… it is such a stupid thing.  we are all gonna die. but a scientific armegeddon countdown ?  nd the weird thing is the clock changes… we can go back in time all mcfly style… a couple of minutes.. which means we are all safer.. but people are still dying.  what happens when we reach midnight.. does stephen hawkins roll up to the clock and push a button that ejects him into his space mission?

it is like the tree in the forest.  if the world ends and the doomsday clock is not set to midnight.. is it really over?

sweet dreams

there are definite economies of scale in business.. why have 10 people to do work that 3 can do once processes are all slimmed down?   why keep 15 servers all doing different things if you can scale by having 5 servers that have multiple purposes.

one thing that i see in our todays that don’t work are war and church.

america has the biggest, baddest, and arguably the best overall trained armed forces in the world… and they were built that way to win a big war.  but when we look at iraq, grenada, somalia… out big bat did not work well.. is not working well.

churches.. when they grow too big… although they save money by being able to have multiple services in a single building.. buying coffee in bulk.. etc…. they lose community.  they lose the day to day followup and discipleship and fellowship that you may find in smaller churches.

a single pastor .. although able to preach to 1500 people.. is not able to have real relatonship with all of them, know all the names…

great.. a solution called small groups comes into play.. little mini churches… isn’t that maybe how it should be all the time?

in war.. wouldn’t building forces that are specialists in insurgency… in anti-genocide, in busting nukes be the best way to fight this war?  i know that there are special forces and seal and ranger teams.. but they have to worry about the embedded reporter and not about killing the bad guys…
but even in business.. the scale breaks.  customers that got used to having a certain level of service see that that personal touch is no longer there when the store gets bigger and bigger and gulped up by a conglomerate. calls take longer to get through.  face to face time goes away…

we have all seen waste.. either intentional or not in anything that gets too big… school boards, city government, ladies prayer meeting that devolves into gossip central with different cliques and different praying styles

like that model… the war needs to run like a mom and pop shop.. that specializes in kicking butt.  that does not have to abide by sarbane-oxley or other regulations that a big company needs to worry about.. and go after them like they are coming after us. or even better.. what they are going to start doing now, with the no safe haven rules of engagement.

be the aggressive sales guy that hounds you… cause the last sale means food for his kids..  be aggressive cause if you fail… you won’t have the america that lets you voice your dissatisfaction with the war.. or even fly a kite.

we are fighting forces that are sometimes just in the dozens as far as size.. with all the factions.. who are we gonna get a surrender from?  who will sign the treaties… oh wait.. never mind.. they are not fighting by the rules of war currently… so what makes us think they want to follow any rules and regulations.

break ot into little comat platoons.. go into the neighbrhoods… into the mosques.. into homes.. and get them

sometimes… the economies of scales allows us all to have 10 pens for $1, shirts for $2., and plasmas for $1000.

but sometimes… you need those specialty stores… the paper store that you have always used for all your journals… that candy store that is the only one that carries your favorite candy from your childhood… that one little store that still has the exact thing that you need.. that a large, bulky, mega company could never give you…

there is news in a british fishwrap… that israel has secret plans to attack nuclear plants and other locations in iran with tactical nukes and other low-yield nuclear bunker buster bombs… uness i am in the israeli defence force (idf) or have some secret asian man clearance… um.. it is not secret anymore. and if this is not a plan.. then it gives tehran all of the extra propaganda that they want.. talking about some zionist plots to kill all muslims. this from a country that has said that sanctions will not work (hint hint .. un = worth nothing) and they are going to continue their nuclear program even when the rest of the world agreed that they needed to stop… hhmmm….. sound familiar to another country that has a name with only one letter different?

why is it that journalists today are all about the scoop.. and not about protecting their country… lettings ltimes along .. at least the fighting is done. at least until the war is over.. then publish all you want… back-bite, uncover, whatever.. but when you interfer with the wa effort, give material aid to the enemy.. then you are no better than hanoi jane… (see how jane fonda still has not lived that title down…) and at worse a traitor. common sense.. we are in a war. someone leaks information on an attack or target (first act of treason) … the reporter mulls over a pulitzer or lives .. real lives that are going to be jeopardized if the plan is let known.. and the report opts to write the story… give it to the editor and they decide to print (second act of treason… it is not about freedom of the press or first amendment… just like yelling fire in a theater is not protected.. just like inciting a riot is not protected) … you think that the 40s era press could have gotten away with releasing information about the a-bomb that ws gonna be dropped on japan… not once.. but twice. you think that those that were involved would have been lauded or bent over with a treason charge and in prision and hung?

an example is abu grabe … the stuff that was happening was gross. but by leaking to the press.. instead of letting the military courts deal with the problem .. in a time of war.. they gave fodder to the enemy that claimed torture.. and used it as recruiting material. even if you disagree with the war.. you have to see that… if you are helping provide information that is helping the enemy.. you put more lives at risk and protract the conflict… think about the 2 years since that information cam out.. once the conflict was over.. or at least not during still active fighting.. you saw that the milittary did not charge and put the lindy englands into military prison… _then_ you approach the department of defense.. then if they fail to take action.. then release the information to the public… i am not saying cover it up… but more tactfulness in handling the situation.

what happened to the concept of the greater good. what happened to self preservation
a lot of tabloid runs like this. covers splashed with… lindsey lohan goes to AA meeting! .. well.. think about what you just wrote… somebody… went to an alcoholics anonymous meeting… uhhh.. just by printing that.. you destroyed the concept of the anonymity of that person and they medical privacy.. all these people that claim to be about personal freedoms.. violate and sometimes jeopardize the medical health of people that may have been trying to go get help.. but then due to the press leaks and public displays of their attempts to go to a meeting that could save their life.. they stop going…

like my last post.. we have lost a lot of the common sense that would have been here if we had some people that had some backbone and would call out people that are hurting our country.. calling out people that hurt other countries..

[comment added — note that this is not shilling for israel… but i would support anyone taking out irans nuclear capabilities… in a strategic attack… cause even the bogus threat seems to have caused the world to take notice..]


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