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with news of the impending divorce of jon & kate … i thought i would share about my grandparents .. and ther 60 years of marriage and how they are still setting an example and going strong .. so suck it jon and kate

as some of you know, i was lucky enough to get to go out to korea on short notice for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.  and although they had an arranged marriage… my grandparents showed love and care that even people that voluntary marry dont ever show.

it ended up being 19 of us from the states going out there for the celebration.  As eldest grandchild and being a boy and all … it was extra special for me to be there … and my son is the eldest grandchild … and a boy .. so again extra extra special

there was also more than 2 dozen immediate family and some cousins as well…

my grandfather made the whole trip memorable (not that it was not anyway) but made it even more special for my son christian who went with me.  we had gone to just spend some time with my grandpa and grandma the night before we were supposed to come back and my grandfather said the following

he said that he had the most important first borns in his life.  my grandmother was a firstborn … i was the first grandchild and their first grandchild was there as well. i admit i cried for a bit cause it is so awesome just sitting in the same room as my grandfather and grandmother… but for him to say something like that… was profound…. and also out of character for a korean

i hope fly them out to denver next year… or take the whole family out … and set aside a few days of just being around my grandparents… even if we are not doing anything…

check out the small group of family that was there before the celebration dinner … and consider that we were missing about a 1/4 of the grand kids and cousins (my wife and 2 other kids were mia). I am the freaky tall one on the right and note that i was a step below everyone on the top level squinting like a mother and swollen cause of jetlag and allergies 😉


can you hear the song?

recently, i went on a 24 day no-shaving documentation tour to show you the plight of the asian man and the ability to grow some facial hair.  this was a shave @ easter time, and then not touching a razor for more than 3 weeks.  I will make an animated video of it for you all to laugh at…

anyway, the thing that i wanted to show was that looks are deceiving.  up until i was about 7, i had coppery/reddish hair and it started to get darker with age… the weird part was that hair on my chin was about 30% red/coppery so it blended in with my skin and so it looked like i had even less hair

so here is the picture of my chin after 24 days…

hair on my chinny chin chin

again… more than 3 weeks of not shaving anywhere on my face … and that is all i got.  it does come in like a decent gotee shape and everything, but it is sparse at best

so hopefully this pic is a clear indication that it is not for lack of trying, it just ‘looks’ like there is less hair because of  my red hairs… which also helped foster the freak of nature korean thing…

  • roundish eyes
  • red hair
  • 6 foot 4 inches tall
  • ability to speak decent korean and freaking people out at korean markets and restaurants

i hate you crackers… you and your misleading names for foods that trick koreans into thinking eating dogs and cats is okay…

this stems from a comment that a vendor made whilst waiting for a bunch of tech guys to get their acts together… and get going for lunch.. and he said it was like herding cats… and being the tactful guy i am.. i said.. mmm… that makes me hungry.  kind of took the guy off guard.. and then it devolved into the cats in the kettle song and chinese food next to the pound…

when i first came to the states… i thought we were going to the land of milk and honey for asians… Not milk cause we are all lactose intolerant… But one of the first phrases i heard was.. it is raining cats and dogs… whaaa??? sweet!!! It was like manna from heaven.. but it just rained a lot… hey metaphor people.. how bout using something that doesn’t make me hungry. well.. in the early fresh off the boat years, i was taken to a dodgers game (cause.. the boat that we came up in on docked in soCal) and they gave me a ‘hot dog’ with ‘catsup’ … yes a different spelling but you do see both ketchup and catsup depending on brand. but back to the story… so .. in a single meal.. i thought they were giving me both a dog and minsed up cat in broth or something…what is the obsession with naming things after dogs…a corn dog … yum.. i love corn.

being korean.. i obviously must love dog… and on a stick.. get out!!! yeah.. wait… another hot dog trick.. blast you cafeteria lady!!!

a foot long chili dog… holy moly… i loves me my chili.. and wait.. just another hot dog covered with chili… is it dog meat chili?

hush puppies…. mmmm.. yes… hush little puppy.. while we catch you and eat you… what the heck… corn bread with onions and yummy southern spices.. blast you state of mississippi where i spent a long hot summer looking for authentic ‘hush puppies’…

you see where i am going with this….what are some food names that confuse you

there has been more coverage about lindsey blowhan and britney skank, the idiot helicopter pilots in arizona that crashed and burned… (note that they are also going to try to pin those deaths on the guy that caused the high speed chase … what???? ) than about the 23 koreans taken hostage that were there to volunteer medical aid… not to proselytize


yeah.. there are now 2 dead korean men that were kidnapped in afghanistan.. and also 5 more men and 16 women… way to go taliban… what ever happened to not harming women, children, elderly… i bet you thought you were 16 virgins closer to heaven now huh.. taliban man… and i guess the whole concept of keeping your timetable for killing hostages needs a little tweaking… come on.. we are going on 2 weeks now.

yeah… me no love taliban long time

also.. taking koreans hostage is real good leverage as it just focuses the rest of the world and non extremists against you… how is

maybe the lack of coverage is cause of the virginia tech shooter… (also south korean) and americans are chink’d out for the year.

there is a call to prayer… for the safe return of the missionaries that went on a humanitarian effort… to help the people of afganistan.. be the body of christ by leaving the comforts of home and going to a country where they did not know the language or fit in society as a majority were women.

maybe they were stupid for going cause they should have known better. maybe they should have expected that showing the love of christ in a culture that has lived in the muslim faith caused tension and they should have been more sensitive to the response they were going to get… wait…. when they go on these trips.. most understand that they are not going to be allowed into the country to preach or to share the gospel… but they still go… because they care about the people on a human level.. not a theological level.

this call to prayer goes to the body of christ… it is not a call for ‘your thoughts are with them’ or ‘things will work out in the end’ ‘i will pray for them — but not’ ‘i will keep them in my thoughts’ or those that do not understand the concept of all things working out for the greater good … cause they usually leave out the ‘for those that love the lord’

unless you are expecting a miracle… don’t pray.
unless you believe that what you are asking for will come true.. don’t pray
unless you are right with those around you (like you are worthy of taking communion)… don’t pray
if you are just praying for the sake of praying… don’t pray

don’t just pray because they are being held captive.. they need and needed prayer for the work they were doing…leaving behind good paying jobs and studies to help in feeding, teaching, providing medical aid, spending time with the afghanis

some are going to say that they were trying to push religion or korean brand of christianity on the afghans… but that was not their purpose for going

i am expecting that there are going to be more deaths before this is resolved… (i don’t think korean prayer is more better than american or germans…as some koreans seem to think… who have had their people taken and killed too)

this situation just sucks… nothing we can do but pray .. hope they send in some tae kwon do ninja delta force or something to save them.. and release videos of themselves beheading the taliban… or set the stage for more and more hostages if you start to cave to their demands….

well at least karzi has asked that the women be released…

keep updated on the situation over at beauty and depravity an excellent blog by pastor eugene cho

as more information comes out about the shooting deaths of 32 students at virginia tech… and that the killer was a south korean.. i feel a sense of shame for my country.

i don’t know what was going through the mind of cho seung-hui as he went on his shooting rampage.. but he is not fit to be korean…

guns? come on punk. if you are a korean.. you should have used some archery skills, or the blade of some speed skates, or the bludgeoned with an abacus, or even bare handed using tae kwon do.. doesn’t kung-fu fighting in the hallway sound so much better than shooting up classrooms… but to resort to shooting people after chaining doors and trapping them…. come on. look at all the good other south koreans are doing.. winning survivor… major roles on lost… being the head of the un…. doing all the drycleaning for the world…

if you had thoughts of hurting people.. you should have started with the face in the mirror… then dealt with the taste of cold steel and cleaning oil of the 9mm or that pansy 22 caliber that you shot people with…

hopefully you were off some meds and were clinically insane or something.. cause it is gonna take a lot of people a long time if ever… to forgive or understand what you did. if you weren’t dead.. iwould come over and kick your arse myself

hopefully you sought forgiveness from the ultimate judge before you shamefully took your own life… instead of manning up to the punishment for your deeds

one thing that i always alugh at is when we go to a restuarant and they ask yoou if you want a soup or a salad…

well the background for this is my dad.. his engrish no so good back then…

we had stopped into a denny’s after a church revival thing… and the waitress is asking him ‘soup or salad’ .. my dad is hearing ‘super salad’.. and keeps saying ‘yes’.

soup or salad? yes
no sir.. soup or salad? yes
you can only have one…. soup or salad.. yes.. super salad

we are over on the other side laughing like crazy… my dad just wants a super salad…

next time you are at a restuarant.. and they ask you if you want a soup or salad.. just say yes.


no.. that is not my engrish …. as there are some that are royally opposed to this administration.. and specifically to president bush

as i am watching/listening to the state of the union … with the clap fest that begins with all of those in both parties waiting in the aisle that the president is going to walk through.. even if they hate him.. they want some face time on national tv…

there are a lot of us that are loyal to the united states.. but growing opposed to how the administration has executed the fight over in iraq.

the words. the lack of getting insight and ideas from outside… all are frustrating.

this was probably the best line in the whole speech… again a few years too late.

This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we’re in. Every one of us wishes this war were over and won. Yet it would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk. Ladies and gentlemen: On this day, at this hour, it is still within our power to shape the outcome of this battle. Let us find our resolve, and turn events toward victory. ( read the whole thing here )

although the speech as decent.. delivery was spotty at times which is paar for course for president bush…. kind of that.. dog with tail between the legs attitude. he was sheepish.. looked tired. but he should be heartened that the speech was good… and most of what was said was fair

policy wise… hate the immigration amnesty plan.. the insurance tax savings seems interesting… i loved the call out of the earmarks and fiscal irresponsibility that the congress has shown over the past few years…

i love the shout out to all the north koreans on the peninsula (love his struggle with the pronunciation) but i want nukes… so we can blow kim jong il away..

a lot of the speech should have been passed along before the elections…

i hate that people consider reintroducing 21,500 troops back into baghdad is some major undertaking… if they needed to.. they could mobilize the entire armed forces and have over 500,000 troops in play if they wanted. the troop level is the same as it was a few months ago… but this time.. there are new rules… we have gotten better at the door to door.. house to house search and destroy missions that this battle has turned into…

i just really hate the clap fest. and the akward introductions of people like mutumbo ? that was just weird. and the ny subway hero guy…

it is nice that the democrats held to some semblance of decorum and applauded the president.. but they panned to the presidential hopefuls a bit too much.. joe biden looked like he was sleeping. hillary with her smirk.. during the insurance policy statement… priceless. hillarycare is gonna be so sweet.

i will have to read the democratic response…

lets see if the presidents gets a it more time to let the plan work… or show signs of improving the situation in iraq

hope you are not seeing a whole bunch of squares.. the science behind the translation is sweet.. but still needs some work

this is a test. this is a test of the google language tools. i am testing the translation of what i am writing to how it translate back from english to korean i blogged about the ‘lost in translation’ thing and how certain words and phrases are not translated properly.. i also want to see if you all have asian language support in your browsers.. lets see how good the translation is… or how funny it comes out you should also try to convert it back…

이것은 시험이다. 이것은 google 언어 공구의 시험이다. 나는 영어를 한국어로에서 어떻게에 후에 번역하는지 나가 쓰고 있는 무슨을의 번역을 시험하고 있다 나는 “번역”에서 잃어 것에 관하여 특정 낱말 및 어구가 제대로 번역되지 않는 방법 blogged. 나는 또한 당신은 모두 당신의 브라우저에 있는 아시아 언어 지원이 있는지 보고 싶다. 좋은 번역이… 인 얼마나 재미있은 나오는지 보게 한다 당신은 또한 그것을 후에 개조하는 것을 시도해야 한다…

then translated back

This is test. This is test of google language tools. I go out and with from the Korean language translate English how after bitter, i am and I which examine translation “lose from translation ” and regarding the thing the method blogged where the specific word and phrase are not well translated. Me also you the report which the Asia language support which is to all you browser probably is it wants. Good translation… How many is it is fun come out, you it does to see also must attempt the fact that it reorganizes it after,…

then translated back

이것 은 시험이다. 이것은 google 언어 공구의 시험이다. 나는 나가고 한국어 언어에서로 쓴 후에, 나가 인 번역을 “시험하고 I가 번역”와 번역된 특정한 낱말 및 어구가 좋이 어디에 아닌지 방법이 blogged 것 주시하기에서 잃는 방법 영어를 번역하십시오. 또한 저 당신 모두에 당신 브라우저인 아시아 언어 지원이 아마 그것인 보고가 원하는. 좋은 번역… 인지 얼마나 많은이 재미 나온다, 또한 보기 위하여 그것을 후에 개편한다 는 사실을 시도해야 하는,… 하는 당신이다

and the final obfuscation

This is test. This is test of google language tools. I go out and after writing from in Korean language language, i go out and the translation “i examine and I with translation ” word and the phrase which are specific it is translated [coh] the method which probably is not where stares blogged things, from, translate method English which it loses. Also writing you the Asia language support which all is you browser wants probably the report which is it. Good translation… How many probably is many this fun it comes out, in order to see also must attempt a fact after it reorganizes it,… It is you it does

omg!!! this is so funny.

actually.. i used to run things through multiple languages to write emails to random people and make them figure out what was happening…

the doomsday clock that is maintains by the bulletin of atomic scientists is now set to 11:55 from 11:53. 5 minutes to midnight
they cite a coming second nuclear age… iran,, iraq, north korea (weird.. the axis of evil) and stephen hawkings added climate change as the greatest threat..

no matter what…. we are all closer to dying…

for a bunch of really smart people… it is such a stupid thing.  we are all gonna die. but a scientific armegeddon countdown ?  nd the weird thing is the clock changes… we can go back in time all mcfly style… a couple of minutes.. which means we are all safer.. but people are still dying.  what happens when we reach midnight.. does stephen hawkins roll up to the clock and push a button that ejects him into his space mission?

it is like the tree in the forest.  if the world ends and the doomsday clock is not set to midnight.. is it really over?

sweet dreams

so… when are we gonna be able to pay for pizzas with korean money.. or euros.. or even canadian dollars ?

i want to pay with the korean “won” for a supreme kimchi pizza with dog…

a pizza chain in aurora has announced that they are going to accept mexican pesos as payment.. there is also a chain in texas that is accepting pesos as well…what is the exchange rate anyway… 20,000 pesos for a personal sized pizza?

aside from all the free press they are getting.. they are working toward some kind of globalization that they can’t back… people come to this country to have a better life.. with that comes learning the language and following the traditions and doing at least the basics to fit into the new country you are in… not telling them to be not the country you crossed deserts and rivers to get into.  if you wanted mexico with better stuff and jobs.. then do it there.  i guarantee that you would be laughed out of any other country if you tried to setup shop that way…

what ever happened to having to go out to the airport to get foreign money exchanged..

this is discrimination.  where is the aclu when you need them… why is it just spanish that is offered as translations when you call places like a bank.  um.. if you opened an acct.. didn’t you have to fill out all that paperwork and stuff in english.. oh wait.. no you didn’t. they offer all their forms in english and spanish.  they send forms from my kids schools in english on the back side.. the front page is in spanish …

i have a fistful of won (paper and coinage) and i am jonesing for a slice ‘o pie.. so i challange you to do this…

stop going to fast food places that don’t have translated menus in your native tongue… or even your grandparents old world language.. and establishments start taking your foreign money and se hablo yo language..

you came to america for a better life… so speak at least american (yes.. there is a difference between english and american).  we all had to do it… we had to learn the language.. and once we did.. got into the ap classes and scored in the 95th percentile on sat and act exams… won spelling bees… went to college… to give our kids a better life.. better than our parents had it as new immigrants… and now we get this dumbed down… you don’t have to learn anything and you can spend money that any other country would have you go to the airport to get whatever the daily exchange rate was for your fist full of non-dollars.

i think you should only be able to spend non-dollars for the type of food you are getting…

pay with lira or euros for pizza
pay with yen for sushi
pay with yuan for takeout chinese
pay with rial for fessenjun
pay with pounds for pints + bangers and mash
pay with rupee for curry

you see…  that way.. since most of these restuarants are run by families that and money back to their own countries.. you would be saving them the exchange fees … since they can just send back the right kind of monies…

no pesos for pizza

ummm… the fda has nothing better to do than approve a fat pill for dogs? they are approving meds like celebrex and vioxx … and then having to recall the medication after people die (well there are warning labels and if you are on some of the meds.. you are in bad shape … and likely would have died anyway) but … how about taking more time testing and reviewing medications for people…

one solution for fat dogs… don’t feed them pizza and other human food. don’t keep them locked up inside the house in a crate and feed them that fancy fru-fru dog food that costs more than baby food…

let them run outside for a while… feed them every other day… or let them find their own food..

i mean isn’t this simple.. it is not you guys are trying to fatten them up to eat them like koreans would…. actually koreans bred and domesticated a certain type of dog for meat… like cattle is domesticated here in america… meat is meat.. just cause you keep dogs as pets here (actually a lot of people in korea with pet dogs…) but they are all skinny.

this is sooo stupid

me no like the kofi annan… i think the un is a waste or resources cause it carries not weight … read darfur, iraq, iran, israel, lebanon, north korea

kofi… na na na na.. na na na na.. hey hey… goodbye.

with the new secretary-general coming in… korean by the way… mr ban ki-moon will hopefully kick some butt … go all kung-fu fighting in the halls and get some real work done.. without things like oil for food

i wonder if ban ki-moon has a little can of whoop ass that he would like to unleash on kim jong-il ….

sanctions are not working and have not worked … read iraq and now iran thumbing their nose at the un sanctions.

remember mr ban ki-moon… with great power .. you can do some real damage.. (thought i was gonna go all stan lee on you huh) and you also have a chance to bring the un back to being a functional organization.  make the security council come back with some bite.. stop doing things that don’t work.

i am going through withdrawal of seeing koreans on tv… lost generally filled that with whole shows in decently translated korean.. and daniel dae kim with his accent that is getting better actually…

then there were the 2 koreans that finished out survivor… (what is with the radio silence of yul kwon ever since he won…)

then i saw a ford commercial that had koreans in traditional wedding garb… but that was just weird
i guess i will have to see how that korean guy does on the apprentice… james… watch out.. he is a gamer too… unless he is gonna show the other side of korean men… aggresive and money hungry… hmm..

will have my wife tell me about the shows.. and if he is still on the show..

i am kind of glad that lost brought koreans up to the forefront.. and made it so pat morita is not playing a korean like he did on m*a*s*h .. come on.. really?  is that how far we have come.. where we have real koreans playing koreans on tv… beside that bobby lee guy on madtv….

i am tired of this year already.

korean tradition means that you spend time with family on new years… you have a specific type of soup called ‘thuuk gook’ — mmm .. and you show respect for your elders by doing a traditional bow… whilst saying.. ‘be very blessed this new year’ — ‘sae hae bok mani ba du sae oh’

the fun part of this.. for the younger people… the elders bless the youngsters by giving them cold hard cash…. the best new years i had was like $350… cause as a pk.. we drive around to church members houses and did the bow for cash game… and some people we know owned one of the 2 korean markets in denver at the time… much cash

now a days… we are giving cash out to my nephew. who raked in like $100 today… not bad for a 2 yr old

usually… on new years eve.. you get together and play a korean game called ‘yun kno ree’ .. a game with 5 movable pieces and 5 wooden sticks that are tossed in the are to give you the number of spaces you move…. another is korean hacky sack… that looks like the birdie from badminton but more frilly.. so you can make it out of washers and plastic bags that you wrap and but into strips… then you have a church service… we passed this year… some cold/strep going around…

so.. we hit my inlaws house… saw them and my wifes grandmother.. then hit my parents house.. where my brother, sister in law and nephew were.. and we all wrnt over to my aunts house… my cousin and his family will be heading back to the  homeland soooo we had to go see them.

after that… we took everyone to a movie… 10 asians walking in a pack… asian invasion time yet again…  into cherry creek mall.. 6 going into eragon and 4 going into charlottes web…

then we all invaded a restuarant before heading home… i r the tired.


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