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oj simpson is in custody in las vegas… and initially.. i was like.. he must have finally found the real killer (himself) after not ceasing to do so cause the idiot wrote a book saying as much… but wait… double jeapordy has attached so he will never see prison for the murder of his wife and ron goldman… so why is he in the clink?

after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and burglary and a multitude of other charges… he must have been like… blast you jonny cochran… why did you die!!!!

so apparently… or allegedly… he and his posse broke into some memorabilia sellers room and cleaned house…

oj… just cause you signed it does not mean it is yours. just cause the picture is of you.. and your signature is on there… it is not yours….

good luck this time around… no jonny there to come up with some random… if the acquittal suit don’t fit… you must acquit one liner

if you live in the denver area… you know frank azar from his ambulance chasing commercials and ‘i got $5 million dollars from my accident’ testimonials… on tertiary local channels during commercial breaks for jerry springer and montel…

but now.. he is representing anna nicole smiths mom… and his is presenting himself not as just frank.. but franklin… and he is wearing glasses too…

i guess that makes him more respectable…

frank… go back to frivolous car accident and workmens comp cases.. and leave the dead hooker cases to the hollywood or new york elites… you have no chance against them.. and you are going to get granny smith no visitation rights at all

what the heck …..

listening to the radio and they went to the live feed of the judge (larry seidlin) that was deciding the fate of the body of anna nicole smith…. and where he was going to be buried…and he was crying… really!!! what a disgrace … idiot .. he needs to be censured…

he kept saying… ‘i want her buried… i want her buried with her son’ .. in his thick new jersey accent… and the slobbery tearful drivel.. wiping away some boogers… you got your sound bite… your 15 minutes… and maybe a tv show… get on with it

the end of the world is near..

we are at war.. .and people are talking about where a stripper is gonna be buried.. great.

so… hmm.. ted haggard has come out (uh…) to say that he is completely straight now.. after the few weeks of intensive therapy for getting straight.

message to ted.. don’t

i am not sure if it is choice, birth, environment, combination… but ted loves dudes.. and he should just own up to it.. at least then.. he does nto hurt his family any further

the last boston legal show covered this with ssad (same sex attraction disorder) — sysad .. and a gay judge that spent $40k to get straight but still had relations with men

so what happens the next time ted goes out looking for a male hooker and meth?  everyone gonna jump on the pray for ted bandwagon again?   everyone gonna say… nah.. it was a lapse in judgement.. and he is not gay?

there is also news that he received a settlement package from new life and has to leave colorado .. again.  weird.  why?  if he is cured… then why make him leave the state?  it is not like the story is not going to come back to colorado springs.

it is ssad… um.  sad.

our newly elected democratic state congress has started imposing their will on the people

there is a bill in colorado that is seeking to require all 6th grade girls to be immunized for hpv before they will be allowed to register .. as 4 strains of hpv seem to lead to cervical cancer….

the issue here is that.. unlike something that can be passed like chicken pox or measles.. hpv is an std.

trying to prevent cervical cancer is great… but again.. this is a preventable disease… if it goes down the hpv route.

we need to play that little thing called the logic game..

most if not all hpv leads to cervical cancer, but not all cervical cancer is caused by hpv.

how about displasia and genetics…

if they want to start giving 11 year old girls shots to keep them from getting an std… hmm … by all means give them the choice to be a ho. wait.. skank.

with all the sex ed that has been going on.. and all the free condoms and all of that… you would think that stds would be on the decline.. but hmm… they are not.

maybe the information that they are passing out is faulty.. maybe… instead of saying abstinence information is going to cause more kids to have more unprotected sex.. they should see that their junk science has led to more people having stds, unplanned pregnancies, abortions… and wasting loads of money… when abstinence requires nothing… it is free.

don’t want to get an std? don’t have physical contact.
don’t wanna get pregnant? yeah… don’t have physical contact.

common sense … but they try to make it more complicated…

who said that… who is rezas husband? what wall are they talking about..

ok.. here is the speech.. president reagans speech about the berlin wall

the reason for this… is a recent interview by spiegel with new mexican president felipe caldéron.. and his comparison of the border fence to the berlin wall..

read it here

ummm… last i checked… mexico was not a state. we are not north united states and south united states .. well.. there is north/south.. but there is a redneck connotation.. not that other one… and he was president of mexico… and has no authority here in the states

here is the snippet of the interview

spiegel: About a half-million Mexicans migrate to the United States every year in order to try their luck there. Now the Bush administration wants to build a 1,100 kilometer (684 mile) barrier along the border.

caldéron: It’s hard to believe that a wall is now being built in Arizona and Texas only 17 years after the world celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. There are social and economic reasons for migration to the United States. It is a natural consequence of globalization. What is more, the North American and the Mexican economies complement each other in an ideal way: The United States has the capital, and we have the labor force.

spiegel: Immigrants currently transfer about $24 billion per year from the United States to Mexico. This is Mexico’s second-largest source of currency, after petroleum. Can the exodus still be stopped?

caldéron: If the Americans would invest more here, the Mexican workers would stay at home. I told the American president that it makes more sense to build a single kilometer of road in a poorly developed Mexican state than to build 10 kilometers of his wall.

first… i like the word ‘migrate’ .. instead of the more appropriate… cross border illegally.. enter country illegally.. work in said country illegally using you guessed it… illegal documentation.. and sending boat loads of money back to mexico.. without money coming back into the united states… except the pescos for pizza program that is cropping up all over the place and previously wirtten about.

second… post 9/11 … what makes the mexican president think that the united states wants to play around with securing their border.. on a known weakspot where people, terrorists, drugs, etc… are all smuggled in. who is he to say anything about the united states trying to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into the workforce and population.

there is no correlation to the berlin wall and the border fence that is being talked about .. again.. look at things like the dmz in korea… the great wall of china.. really look at the berlin wall… or any fence across the usa .. like at groom lake/area51.. where it is shoot to kill.. for its own citizens… this fence if to keep non citizens out.

on any of the real fences and walls… if you try to jump, crawl, get around it.. they will shoot you… arrest you.. on the border now… there are water station because there are some that wander out to the desert and die… how about a little preparation if you are going to sneak into another country for goodness sake… take some canteens.. powerbars…. whatever.

the social and economic reasons he mentions are because the economy in mexico sucks. even illegals can make more picking fruit than living in their own country. it is not a natural consequence of globalization.. it is a consequence of weak enforcement and some weird sense of entitlement that these ‘migrators’ have about their right to trespass, break dozens of laws, and live in a country that offers them better jobs and standard of living and still have enough to send money back to the family they leave behind… than they could ever have… living in their own country.

his mentality that if the united states spent even more money with mexico… that mexican nationals would stay and not cross the borders… is retarded. think about all the travel that american engage in… to mexico.. they even had a superbowl thing for flip the dolphin to get to go to mexico… and spend much bucks on booze, souvenirs, prescription meds, hotels, resorts, booze… and lacquered frogs… playing guitars

and news flash mr mexican president.. there are already roads… into and out of mexico .. there are legal mechanisms for mexican nationals to come into the united states.. and build the life that they are not able to have back home…

that is the same arguement as if a car thief would stop stealing cars if car makers gave him money… wait.. there is a word for that is there not? extortion?

give me a break… he can start making berlin wall comparisons when mexican nationals make a break for it with soldiers shooting guns at their car like macgyver did and breaking through the fence… to cross the border… or doing the slow walk in exchange for a prisoner of war getting to go home.. walking slowly past each over of the bridge… or if.. national guardsmen would actually shoot to kill if they see someone crossing the border…

in most countries… a mass influx of nationals from another country over their borders would be seen as an act of war or invasion… not a migration….

migration is for birds and caribou

build the fence… put up gun turrets… take away the water stations… shoot on sight…. make people enter the country the proper and legal way.

the duke lacrosse players that were unjustly named, charged, smeared, kicked out, jobs lost look to be getting a little reprieve…

all of the evidence.. wait.. there are 4.. no 8 different stories on what happened? seems to be enough to exculpate these young men… but just the process of having their name put out there that way… and having a negligent and power hungry overreaching prosecutor in mike nifong who appeared more interested in getting re-elected than carrying out justice .. who should be disbarred at minimum.. and at best.. behind bars and paying restitution to the families of these  young men and announcing at every turn that he was wrong and that he ruined lives.

not trying to blame a potential victim.. but this woman has made reporting rape that much harder now for any young lady on campus… what was a he said/she said issue is now going to carry a nifong cloud… not just in durham, nc .. but everywhere.  especially when the incidents of rape are already a meager 1 in 4 reported.. this retard brings more shame on the victim… both nifong and the accuser.. if she fabricated all of this… need to be in prision…  good luck not getting raped in there mike.

lets see how this plays out.. but at this point.. they need to fully drop all charges pending on these guys and let them live their lives… there is not enough evidence to hold them hostage and psychologically, financially, and emotionally rape these guys and their families any further

ok.. do they check for doping for those hold your wee-wee for a nintendo wii?

you know the wee-wee pills that talk about you having a going problem…. if you popped a couple of those pills.. then you would have been able to control your bladder mo better

i could have so won that thing… i once held it all the way while driving to california.. that is 1100 miles. and loads of boisson

hmm… i wonder if i could have won 2 if i had held it driving out to sacramento.. and then entering the contest and holding it some more?

too bad 10 people got fired from that radio station… and there is already a law suit pending… how do they sue when they sign a waiver.. and there were under no distress or being held against their will… there was a lso a nurse that called in during the contest and talked about water intoxication… and the dangers… there is a criminal investigation under way as well.. come on… the only negligent person here was jennifer strange. she put a stupid wii over her 3 kids… she probably wanted to get it for her kids.. but come on.

the contest was stupid.. but 18 people and probably even more were more willing to enter a contest where they could die.. or have major health issues.. for a .. uh… video game console. idiots.


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