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i just reached the max usage on my iphone 4.  I have like 4000 songs and there are some duplicates because of purchased through itunes and cd imports with different bitrates.  i am really glad itunes has the show duplicates funciton

going through all of my music and removing duplicates and things that I dont listen to anymore or lower bitrates… already deleted like 500 MB already and i am just in the Ds

have any of you done anything like this?

wow.. yet another itunes update.. and it breaks sync with the palm pre … a weird pissing contest if you ask me

as an apple fanboy, i hate that apple is doing stuff like this … and anytime they they add something or patch bugs (which they NEVER have) … it means another 90MB file… instead of patches that just fix what is wrong or add the features…

come on apple… ever heard of fusebox type coding?  just update what you need.

so on my recent trip to korea, i lost a pair of my shure scl3 series headphones. i was proud of them as i had gotten them for under $100 for headphones that normally go for $300.


i called san fran lost and found and the airline and they said that in the time i realize they were missing (walking thru customs) and looking up contact info and reporting the ‘loss’ they disappeared.

what would you do? would you keep something as simple as earphones if found on a plane? would you turn it it? if you worked the lost and found dept.. would you swipe them? i think most places have a rule about you becoming the new owner if the item is not claimed after X number of days … but this was within hours. would you have waited the 14-30 days to to take ownership of something you ‘found’ or just thought … who cares .. and skipped the lost and found?

i missed my earphones so much, that i had to order some new ones… and i found a last pair of shure se410 earphones (normally ~$400) on amazon for under $100.  so i think i did ok… just irritated that simple things like this are not returned.


i found a lot of ‘used’ earphones without boxes or the additional earbuds and proof of ownership … i guess i should have looked for used slc3 earphones on craigslist and other sites…

well anyway… i cant wait

so if you all dont know or have not heard… heavenfest will be back this year and it will be yet another awesome day of music… i think it drew about 12,000 people last year…. all on the land surrounding my church northern hills.

last year was the first and my bud dave powers spent loads of time and effort organizing it … (i know that he wants it to be a nameless and faceless expression of his faith and that the focus be on God, but dave is the instrument, hands and feet that took the first steps of thousands to get the first heavenfest organized) … getting bands and artists like jeremy camp, skillet, group one crew and the like… and making it a great day to soak in the sun and music.

I posted a photosynth of some of the pictures i took last year ( see some here )

I am actually so excited for this year…. they got some little groups like third day, skillet, stellar kart, kutless, matthew west… but it also give a venue for local artists and bands.

i was hoping to play with my other bud dan this year, but not sure yet… we shall see.   hope to at least be part of the media team and take pictures and stuff…

click on the heavenfest banner on the left for more info…. cool part is the pay what you can option… if you cant afford the $29 for the all day pass for 90+ bands/artists… then do what you can…especially in these hard economic times

just thought i would start my bloggin with one of the most important things …

finally… my photosynth is online andat 76% synthy ness

i will start posting my skillet and jeremy camp sets here in a bit

i saw a posting that steven curtis chapmans youngest daughter was killed in an accident on their driveway

marie sue chapman was 5 years old and was hit by a car one of her brothers was driving

marie sue was the third girl that steven and mary beth had adopted from china…. and raised with their 3 natural born kids

scc has been one of my favorite artists for a long time and to see that his family is going though a loss like this breaks my heart.

i pray for steven and mary beth, for the brother that must be feeling both the guilt of driving the car and the loss of his sister, and for the other siblings.

o.. as the american idol came up on the dvr the contestants were all standing in a row and there were choir folk around them on each side.. and then the music started… and out came the words jesus, lord, worship … they weer singing ‘shout to the lord’ by hillsong

the wife, kids and i were all kind of slack jaw’d and trying to figure out why they were doing a worship song for the only group song that they did during an elimination show…  it just seemed odd and not sure what prompted the whole thing…

artistically, they did a great job with the song though..

maybe it was a way to bring a sense of needing God during their pleas for charity…

maybe the reason we all have that need to give and share in the suffering of others is because we have a loving God that sacrificed for us… there is no evolutionary need for compassion.  there is no darwinian natural selection process that cares about the weak and diseased … that hurt and sorrow that goes to the pit of your stomach and breaks your heart when you see a baby dying of malaria or orphaned by parents dead of aids … that comes from God… and we need to shout to the Lord sometimes with out praise.. but also with out plea for help

idol gives back .. kind of ironic .. that the thing that we sometimes idolize in place of God points us back to Him.  the idols in our lives give back control to Him.

the source may be odd.. but the cause is good.  the cause of the kids with no parents was probably irresponsibilty and promescuity of the parents.. but that should not keep us from caring for the damaged lives left behind.  we see the ‘stars’ that have shoes that cost more than most of the people make in a year in africa… but we see them being hit in the gut with what real need is… and maybe… just maybe… using their celebrity for good.  putting some of their materialism aside and being selfless in the work that needs to be done to help

give what you can …

so… started the process of adding albums to my mp3s again so we can have coverflow art on the ipod nanos… and i got to the “d”s and was sick of it already … you know what… i am gonna find one album cover that i like and apply it against all of the songs from that artists… that is gonna make this a lot more managable …

in seeing some christian bands making it in crossover play on secular radio stations is great and non ‘christian bands’ like daughtry getting air time with songs like “home”… but there is minimal success going the other way… as the songs and lyrics have to be semi christian code like one of the first in recent contemporary christian artists other than michael w smith and amy grant.. when jars of clay brought us “flood” in the mid 90s …

christian artists bring over secular love songs or songs of loss and hurt and it makes ‘sense’ to a certain degree… but you can’t do that with most christian songs… cause…  christian songs and more specifically… worship and praise songs sound very gay…

these are the songs where very straight guys are asking jesus to hold them close, and come into my heart, and change me from the inside out, long for his embrace…  that they love him and want to see him face to face… and kiss him and whatever else..

yeah… insert your ted haggert joke here..

i don’t know.. maybe the veritgo of the last few days.. but something i wonder if anyone else has noticed

so.. if you have not heard.. don imus was canned for making fun of the rutgers girls backetball team.. oops.. did i say girls.. i should say women..

the ‘nappy headed hos’ comment was dumb… ‘jiggaboos’ was maybe racist… but there is so much more obnoxious comments from people like jim rome and the like when describing womens basketball…

imus may be crazy. he looks scary…. and maybe should be off the air… but not for nappy headed hos….and jiggaboos …
it is actually imus that looks like he has a nappy head…

this is probably my favorite song right now… the best song and video in a long time.. in my humble opinion…  it is foreverandever etc..


never get enough of the guitar wielding voltron robot fighting squirrels

although it is cause i am semi fasting… and wanna lose some weight… the hunger strike caused because faux-hawked sanjaya whats his face is still on american idol…

the best was the adam samberg parody on snl.. of the ‘girl.. you really got me..’ debacle and off key rendition performed by aforementioned sanjaya.. with that stupid little girl fake crying as she looked for the cue from the camera guys

looks like another week of hunger pangs

this is probably the most disturbing yet intriguing video i have seen in a long time…

it is called ‘little supoerstar’ and i first saw it on the daily show/cobert report shows… where they were talking about the 6 yr old boy being exploited by his father as a dancing midget… and the rest of the indian family (dot not feathers) lounging and watching

well.. here is it.. i watch it over and over… and have used it to get a kick the last few months


there are times when my kids amaze me. make me swell up with pride…

my 8 year old daughter has been writing poems/lyrics in secret… and they are beautiful… faith of a child right?

i will have to have her sing it to me.. or we can work on it together… so we can put it into music.

when i stay
when i go
you’re still there

when i’m here
when i’m there
you’re lovin me

all around
you’re watching me in joy

when i see you i smile
come around and say hello
let the world see you

written by anais :: jan 2007

so simple and so right on to how we need to approach God and understand him. like david in the psalms… there is nowhere that you are not

sometimes… i think we just need to slow down and realize and learn from our kids. i have been working a lot lately.. and barely see them. and when my wife brought the notepad with these words on them… i have been reading them over and over for the past 2 days.

sometimes… we just need to feel like God is around… share a coke and a smile… come around… say hello… let the world see you.

here is a project that is being headed by my friend dave….

if you have never heard dave sing and play… oh mah gaaaawwddd…. in his words.. melt your face off… it has been an honor playing up there with him whenever i get a chance… he is one of the main rasons why i started going to nhcc… the first day.. he came down and talked to us between services for 5-10 minutes…

you can also read their blogs on dpowers and tpowers links on the side there in theBlogs section


original post

Tara and I want to invite you to join us for a worship fundraiser for Home of Refuge, January 19th (Friday night) from 7pm-8:30pm at Northern Hills in the White Water Venue. One of the 5 things that Worship and the Word Movement is focusing on is raising $ for this orphanage ministry. They have one orphanage in Venezuela and one in Honduras. If you want to check this ministry out, which we recommend, click here. Partnering with us to do this Fundraiser, is a ministry called Get the Word Out, which is an over-night conference about how to study the Bible that evicerates complacency in Christians of all ages and deepens relationship with the Father. At least, that’s what it did to us!

If you would like to help us promote this fundraiser, leave a comment below and we’ll send you jpeg of the picture above. It would be really cool to see this picture on websites and blogs! Thanks

Dave and Tara


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