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there has been more coverage about lindsey blowhan and britney skank, the idiot helicopter pilots in arizona that crashed and burned… (note that they are also going to try to pin those deaths on the guy that caused the high speed chase … what???? ) than about the 23 koreans taken hostage that were there to volunteer medical aid… not to proselytize


yeah.. there are now 2 dead korean men that were kidnapped in afghanistan.. and also 5 more men and 16 women… way to go taliban… what ever happened to not harming women, children, elderly… i bet you thought you were 16 virgins closer to heaven now huh.. taliban man… and i guess the whole concept of keeping your timetable for killing hostages needs a little tweaking… come on.. we are going on 2 weeks now.

yeah… me no love taliban long time

also.. taking koreans hostage is real good leverage as it just focuses the rest of the world and non extremists against you… how is

maybe the lack of coverage is cause of the virginia tech shooter… (also south korean) and americans are chink’d out for the year.

there is a call to prayer… for the safe return of the missionaries that went on a humanitarian effort… to help the people of afganistan.. be the body of christ by leaving the comforts of home and going to a country where they did not know the language or fit in society as a majority were women.

maybe they were stupid for going cause they should have known better. maybe they should have expected that showing the love of christ in a culture that has lived in the muslim faith caused tension and they should have been more sensitive to the response they were going to get… wait…. when they go on these trips.. most understand that they are not going to be allowed into the country to preach or to share the gospel… but they still go… because they care about the people on a human level.. not a theological level.

this call to prayer goes to the body of christ… it is not a call for ‘your thoughts are with them’ or ‘things will work out in the end’ ‘i will pray for them — but not’ ‘i will keep them in my thoughts’ or those that do not understand the concept of all things working out for the greater good … cause they usually leave out the ‘for those that love the lord’

unless you are expecting a miracle… don’t pray.
unless you believe that what you are asking for will come true.. don’t pray
unless you are right with those around you (like you are worthy of taking communion)… don’t pray
if you are just praying for the sake of praying… don’t pray

don’t just pray because they are being held captive.. they need and needed prayer for the work they were doing…leaving behind good paying jobs and studies to help in feeding, teaching, providing medical aid, spending time with the afghanis

some are going to say that they were trying to push religion or korean brand of christianity on the afghans… but that was not their purpose for going

i am expecting that there are going to be more deaths before this is resolved… (i don’t think korean prayer is more better than american or germans…as some koreans seem to think… who have had their people taken and killed too)

this situation just sucks… nothing we can do but pray .. hope they send in some tae kwon do ninja delta force or something to save them.. and release videos of themselves beheading the taliban… or set the stage for more and more hostages if you start to cave to their demands….

well at least karzi has asked that the women be released…

keep updated on the situation over at beauty and depravity an excellent blog by pastor eugene cho

as more information comes out about the shooting deaths of 32 students at virginia tech… and that the killer was a south korean.. i feel a sense of shame for my country.

i don’t know what was going through the mind of cho seung-hui as he went on his shooting rampage.. but he is not fit to be korean…

guns? come on punk. if you are a korean.. you should have used some archery skills, or the blade of some speed skates, or the bludgeoned with an abacus, or even bare handed using tae kwon do.. doesn’t kung-fu fighting in the hallway sound so much better than shooting up classrooms… but to resort to shooting people after chaining doors and trapping them…. come on. look at all the good other south koreans are doing.. winning survivor… major roles on lost… being the head of the un…. doing all the drycleaning for the world…

if you had thoughts of hurting people.. you should have started with the face in the mirror… then dealt with the taste of cold steel and cleaning oil of the 9mm or that pansy 22 caliber that you shot people with…

hopefully you were off some meds and were clinically insane or something.. cause it is gonna take a lot of people a long time if ever… to forgive or understand what you did. if you weren’t dead.. iwould come over and kick your arse myself

hopefully you sought forgiveness from the ultimate judge before you shamefully took your own life… instead of manning up to the punishment for your deeds

looks like the menu foods pet food scare comes down to rat poison…

i asked the question about all the old poor people that had to eat dog food because they were not able to pay for their medication… but it looks like because it was rat poison.. they may have actually benefited…

rat poisons are generally those that thin the blood and make the rats bleed out from the inside out… think coumadin (warfarin — which was the an acronym for wisconsin agricultural and farming institute .. that created the ‘poison’)

so… inadvertently… the pet food people were helping the old people… not having to pay for their coumadin… and being able to eat their delicious meat gravy and wheat gluten filled dog and cat food..

note that all of this was over 15 dogs and cats dying….  seriously… how about all of the people that have died during the past week.. and how we all could have prevented that…  where is the news coverage for that.

normally a bump for cancer patients is a bad bad thing… like tony snow… but in the case of the edwards.. it may be the thing they needed

ok… i empathize for the edwards family as john and elizabeth deal with recurrent breast cancer and spread to bones…

but the press conference was so politically calculated that this is a bump that the cancer survivor is happy to see…

look at the 24/7 news channels.. it is all about the edwards and how brave they are… and considering john is running for president again…  and in a solid 3rd place behind barack and hillary.. this news was just the thing they needed to help people remember that edwards was running.. and good for maybe 10-15 points in the polls.

these people are so focused on getting into the white house… that they would rather push forward for the next 2 years with this health buffer than.. just letting elizabeth rest, and fight the cancer.. and not tv ads, debates and  now muted political hits.

if i see one more special report.. adjustment in normal programming to anna nicole smith… hey.. here is a news flash… she is still dead. she used and abused meds and alcohol.. and was too selfish to take care of her 5 month old daughter

what a train wreck … too much rubber necking… and all of us are not helping .. dang it

she is not the candle in the wind that marilyn monroe was …she was not princess di … even though she seems to be getting as much or more attention than lady di

maybe it is the $450 million dollars that she may be getting… the case she won in the supreme court… she was a forerunner for probate law… at least for gold diggers… great.

now to find her missing 5 month old daughter.. who would be the sole heir for the $450 million when that is all straightened out… and if they figure out which of the 4 potential fathers is the ral one…

wouldn’t it be awesome if that old dead husband is the real father… using in vitro … that would be a fine denoument to this whole mess… a real heir to the billionaire.. case closed.

can we just get back to talking about iraq …. wait… you think george bush killed anna nicole smith … to take attention away from the war… weird….. give me my tin foil cap.

what a week for news.. and all the comedians… and commentators…. and pundits…

i have been consciously trying not to be ‘on’ … not turn on the computer as soon as i get home from work.. not be online for the 16 hrs that i generally am… hence fewer posts… maybe for the gooder.

  • non binding resolution squashed … a hollow win over a hollow political stunt that is gonna.. and will continue to get our guys killed
  • nancy pelosi and her request for a 757 … and all the talk about these environmentalists and global warming pundits taking private planes..being driven in suvs.. and requesting a huge plane just so she can fly back and forth from san fransico and dc .. and her doing things different.. means that she is better than the previous speaker.. who was fine with the gulfstream that was provided…
  • lisa nowak — whacked astro-nut that drove away from her 3 kids and husband toward another man in a diaper..
  • muslim youth shooting at, throwing rocks and molitov cocktails at israelis trying to rebuild the stepbridge into the temple mount… hmm… 1 entrance for israelis and non muslims… and 6 entrances for muslims… and they are still trying to block the single entrance?
  • anna nicole smith — dead at 39.. likely a drug overdose… went out the same way as her son…. side note for all of the reporters… they DO prescribe antidepressants and methadone for back pain (trust me.. i know) … how much more can we take of the none stop coverage… a rough cut 1 hr special on 20/20 … all of the cable news stations trying to figure out what/why/how this stipper died… someone that was more famous for being infamous… than actually having done anything in life..
    • now there are 3-4 possible fathers for her 5 month old daughter….
    • there are conspiracy theories.. as everyone involved in the inheritance from her billionaire husband are all dead…

and many many more stuffs… and i have something about each of these…  but i am gonna log off now… trying

our newly elected democratic state congress has started imposing their will on the people

there is a bill in colorado that is seeking to require all 6th grade girls to be immunized for hpv before they will be allowed to register .. as 4 strains of hpv seem to lead to cervical cancer….

the issue here is that.. unlike something that can be passed like chicken pox or measles.. hpv is an std.

trying to prevent cervical cancer is great… but again.. this is a preventable disease… if it goes down the hpv route.

we need to play that little thing called the logic game..

most if not all hpv leads to cervical cancer, but not all cervical cancer is caused by hpv.

how about displasia and genetics…

if they want to start giving 11 year old girls shots to keep them from getting an std… hmm … by all means give them the choice to be a ho. wait.. skank.

with all the sex ed that has been going on.. and all the free condoms and all of that… you would think that stds would be on the decline.. but hmm… they are not.

maybe the information that they are passing out is faulty.. maybe… instead of saying abstinence information is going to cause more kids to have more unprotected sex.. they should see that their junk science has led to more people having stds, unplanned pregnancies, abortions… and wasting loads of money… when abstinence requires nothing… it is free.

don’t want to get an std? don’t have physical contact.
don’t wanna get pregnant? yeah… don’t have physical contact.

common sense … but they try to make it more complicated…

who said that… who is rezas husband? what wall are they talking about..

ok.. here is the speech.. president reagans speech about the berlin wall

the reason for this… is a recent interview by spiegel with new mexican president felipe caldéron.. and his comparison of the border fence to the berlin wall..

read it here

ummm… last i checked… mexico was not a state. we are not north united states and south united states .. well.. there is north/south.. but there is a redneck connotation.. not that other one… and he was president of mexico… and has no authority here in the states

here is the snippet of the interview

spiegel: About a half-million Mexicans migrate to the United States every year in order to try their luck there. Now the Bush administration wants to build a 1,100 kilometer (684 mile) barrier along the border.

caldéron: It’s hard to believe that a wall is now being built in Arizona and Texas only 17 years after the world celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. There are social and economic reasons for migration to the United States. It is a natural consequence of globalization. What is more, the North American and the Mexican economies complement each other in an ideal way: The United States has the capital, and we have the labor force.

spiegel: Immigrants currently transfer about $24 billion per year from the United States to Mexico. This is Mexico’s second-largest source of currency, after petroleum. Can the exodus still be stopped?

caldéron: If the Americans would invest more here, the Mexican workers would stay at home. I told the American president that it makes more sense to build a single kilometer of road in a poorly developed Mexican state than to build 10 kilometers of his wall.

first… i like the word ‘migrate’ .. instead of the more appropriate… cross border illegally.. enter country illegally.. work in said country illegally using you guessed it… illegal documentation.. and sending boat loads of money back to mexico.. without money coming back into the united states… except the pescos for pizza program that is cropping up all over the place and previously wirtten about.

second… post 9/11 … what makes the mexican president think that the united states wants to play around with securing their border.. on a known weakspot where people, terrorists, drugs, etc… are all smuggled in. who is he to say anything about the united states trying to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into the workforce and population.

there is no correlation to the berlin wall and the border fence that is being talked about .. again.. look at things like the dmz in korea… the great wall of china.. really look at the berlin wall… or any fence across the usa .. like at groom lake/area51.. where it is shoot to kill.. for its own citizens… this fence if to keep non citizens out.

on any of the real fences and walls… if you try to jump, crawl, get around it.. they will shoot you… arrest you.. on the border now… there are water station because there are some that wander out to the desert and die… how about a little preparation if you are going to sneak into another country for goodness sake… take some canteens.. powerbars…. whatever.

the social and economic reasons he mentions are because the economy in mexico sucks. even illegals can make more picking fruit than living in their own country. it is not a natural consequence of globalization.. it is a consequence of weak enforcement and some weird sense of entitlement that these ‘migrators’ have about their right to trespass, break dozens of laws, and live in a country that offers them better jobs and standard of living and still have enough to send money back to the family they leave behind… than they could ever have… living in their own country.

his mentality that if the united states spent even more money with mexico… that mexican nationals would stay and not cross the borders… is retarded. think about all the travel that american engage in… to mexico.. they even had a superbowl thing for flip the dolphin to get to go to mexico… and spend much bucks on booze, souvenirs, prescription meds, hotels, resorts, booze… and lacquered frogs… playing guitars

and news flash mr mexican president.. there are already roads… into and out of mexico .. there are legal mechanisms for mexican nationals to come into the united states.. and build the life that they are not able to have back home…

that is the same arguement as if a car thief would stop stealing cars if car makers gave him money… wait.. there is a word for that is there not? extortion?

give me a break… he can start making berlin wall comparisons when mexican nationals make a break for it with soldiers shooting guns at their car like macgyver did and breaking through the fence… to cross the border… or doing the slow walk in exchange for a prisoner of war getting to go home.. walking slowly past each over of the bridge… or if.. national guardsmen would actually shoot to kill if they see someone crossing the border…

in most countries… a mass influx of nationals from another country over their borders would be seen as an act of war or invasion… not a migration….

migration is for birds and caribou

build the fence… put up gun turrets… take away the water stations… shoot on sight…. make people enter the country the proper and legal way.

no.. that is not my engrish …. as there are some that are royally opposed to this administration.. and specifically to president bush

as i am watching/listening to the state of the union … with the clap fest that begins with all of those in both parties waiting in the aisle that the president is going to walk through.. even if they hate him.. they want some face time on national tv…

there are a lot of us that are loyal to the united states.. but growing opposed to how the administration has executed the fight over in iraq.

the words. the lack of getting insight and ideas from outside… all are frustrating.

this was probably the best line in the whole speech… again a few years too late.

This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we’re in. Every one of us wishes this war were over and won. Yet it would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk. Ladies and gentlemen: On this day, at this hour, it is still within our power to shape the outcome of this battle. Let us find our resolve, and turn events toward victory. ( read the whole thing here )

although the speech as decent.. delivery was spotty at times which is paar for course for president bush…. kind of that.. dog with tail between the legs attitude. he was sheepish.. looked tired. but he should be heartened that the speech was good… and most of what was said was fair

policy wise… hate the immigration amnesty plan.. the insurance tax savings seems interesting… i loved the call out of the earmarks and fiscal irresponsibility that the congress has shown over the past few years…

i love the shout out to all the north koreans on the peninsula (love his struggle with the pronunciation) but i want nukes… so we can blow kim jong il away..

a lot of the speech should have been passed along before the elections…

i hate that people consider reintroducing 21,500 troops back into baghdad is some major undertaking… if they needed to.. they could mobilize the entire armed forces and have over 500,000 troops in play if they wanted. the troop level is the same as it was a few months ago… but this time.. there are new rules… we have gotten better at the door to door.. house to house search and destroy missions that this battle has turned into…

i just really hate the clap fest. and the akward introductions of people like mutumbo ? that was just weird. and the ny subway hero guy…

it is nice that the democrats held to some semblance of decorum and applauded the president.. but they panned to the presidential hopefuls a bit too much.. joe biden looked like he was sleeping. hillary with her smirk.. during the insurance policy statement… priceless. hillarycare is gonna be so sweet.

i will have to read the democratic response…

lets see if the presidents gets a it more time to let the plan work… or show signs of improving the situation in iraq

so with over 650 days left… hilliary clinton .. sorry… hillary rodham clinton is in the presidential race..

i am so glad… ecstatic… overjoyed…. ppffffttt

this is one of the few things that makes me want to become a citizen.. so i can vote.  wait… if i vote democrat.. i can vote anyway.. since i don’t need to show proof of me.  no id or proving citizenship.. i should lean left.

the whole process sucks… there is nobody worth voting for… it seems that we are voting against the other guy… voting against the other party… i appreciate party affiliation as much as the next guy… but as this point.. is there much difference?  washingtonitis or congrulenza and the hallowed halls and quorums seems to make a super hot melting pot…  all about the soundbite and prepping to take the presidential plunge…

look at the actual votes for people like judge roberts.. or on the war.. or anything… the news clips are full of stinging rebuttals and zingers.. but then they end up voting for the person or legislation… they just want their allotted 5-15 minutes up on the podium.  to reflect this.. there is a new democratic push to make hidden the votes that are held in committees.. why?  what happened to nancy pelosi talking about having a more ethical and open congress…

not all of these people are in it to win…  some of these politicians are in it just to get their agenda out.  they are out to get their books sold.  they are out to steal votes from one party and basically give the election to the other party .. even if they do not have a majority (read perot and nader.. giving wins to clinton and bush)

actually.. if hillary wins.. look at the politicians that will have been the commander and chief  .. george h.w. bush, bill clinton, bill clinton, george w bush, george w bush, and then hillary clinton?  24 years of clintons and bush kin?   and then if jeb bush wants to get into the mix..

the only good thing about the early early announcements of exploratory commitees will be that we have nearly 2 years to dissect and dig into the histories and personal lives of ever one of the contenders and likely candidates..

ok.. do they check for doping for those hold your wee-wee for a nintendo wii?

you know the wee-wee pills that talk about you having a going problem…. if you popped a couple of those pills.. then you would have been able to control your bladder mo better

i could have so won that thing… i once held it all the way while driving to california.. that is 1100 miles. and loads of boisson

hmm… i wonder if i could have won 2 if i had held it driving out to sacramento.. and then entering the contest and holding it some more?

too bad 10 people got fired from that radio station… and there is already a law suit pending… how do they sue when they sign a waiver.. and there were under no distress or being held against their will… there was a lso a nurse that called in during the contest and talked about water intoxication… and the dangers… there is a criminal investigation under way as well.. come on… the only negligent person here was jennifer strange. she put a stupid wii over her 3 kids… she probably wanted to get it for her kids.. but come on.

the contest was stupid.. but 18 people and probably even more were more willing to enter a contest where they could die.. or have major health issues.. for a .. uh… video game console. idiots.

it looks like david beckham is coming to america. cause his friend tom cruise said so. beckham has some grand idea that by coming to america.. he is going to make soccer the true football…. uh yeah.

good luck we have freddie adu already… and soccer is not popular beyond the soccer moms and the 4th grade…. they had that guy from melrose place playing pro soccer for a while (you know… elizabeth shues brother).. and soccer still is not popular… wait.. wasn’t freddie in 4th grade when they signed him?

unlike the rest of the world that has nothing _but_ soccer… we have 5 pro teams + in denver alone. and so many other club level, college level, masters level, rec center pickup level sports that people are into.. i bet you… soccer is not in the top 5 if you asked anyone over the age of say 10

  • football
  • hockey
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • spelling bee (if it is on espn.. it is a sport)
  • swimming
  • chess
  • ultimate frisbee
  • wrestling
  • ufc
  • x-games stuff (roller anything)

and also… if you were going to bring soccer to america… why pair up with tom cruise… should have hooked up with bradgelina … adopted a baby.. and teach it soccer.. then… send them to acting school and make a ‘bend it like daddy’ movie or something…

i think the mls is gonna have to sell all of the current teams to have enough money to sign beckham… wonder what the talking fee is gonna be…

not to take anything away from him.. but his world cup showing was weak. he should have done this years ago..

the other thing is… ronaldo is coming too… he may have more draw than beckham… i would rather watch ronaldinio with his stupid mad jukin skills than beckham…

maybe it is a vast left wing scientologist conspiracy…. make people hate america by enbracing soccer…

so.. looks like freshman senator barack obama is forming an exploritory commitee….

what do we really know about barack. other than what he tells us from his book. his fellow democrats sometimes slip up and call him osama.. cnn segue into finding osama and put up a picture of obama… his middle name is hussein.

at least rick warren likes him.

he is the great black hope… but i have a feeling that once the election comes around.. they are going to bomb him with inexperience… not wearing a tie and looking like ahmedjinadad in unbuttoned collar shirt… and weird support of hillary… and showing what a great politician and mind she is…

there is a question about mit romney and if america is ready for a mormon president.. but sad to say… i think that they are more likely to be ready for a woman president than a black president… even those they have already had two “brothas that are brothers” on ’24’

and barack… what about fulfilling your promise of completing your first term? illinois is gonna be pissed. look what happened to john edwards… he is coming back a bit now.. but he dropped off the face of the earth for 2.5 years

so… maybe you have heard the story about tycho brahe and how he died cause he challenged some other dude to a no pissing contest. hmm.. maybe that is where the saying comes from. who is tycho brahe you ask? all i will say is kepler orbits his work. look it up… or a sad commentary on the state of education..

even more sad is the story of this women.. ironically named jennifer strange… a mother of 3.. that entered a contest to drink the most water and not go to the bathroom for a chance to win a nintendo wii. she is dead. water intoxication… basically drowned to death.. and cause her organs to fail because of electrolyte imbalance.. hmm.. so many common sense things that are wrong here and she worked in a medical field at a radiology center…. read here

what a stupid way to die… you hear the stories about how even terri shiavo ended up how she did because she drank too much ice tea.. all the kids that die when they take x [ecstacy] cause they are sooo thirsty.

it is not like her kids can go out and say.. my mom drank herself to death… or.. she no pee-pee go dead.

darwin awards… here we come

do you know the names of the medal of honor winners in the past few years? why not?these the the heroes in the case of the last 2 recipients that gave their lives in a manner that showed their bravery above all others. read the stories about the 2 brave soldiers and information about their citations.

Sergeant First Class Paul Ray Smith

Sergeant Smith was leading about three dozen men who were using a courtyard next to a watchtower to build a temporary jail for captured enemy prisoners. As they were cleaning the courtyard, they were surprised by about a hundred of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard.

With complete disregard for his own life and under constant enemy fire, Sergeant Smith rallied his men and led a counterattack. Seeing that his wounded men were in danger of being overrun, and that enemy fire from the watchtower had pinned them down, Sergeant Smith manned a 50-caliber machine gun atop a damaged armor vehicle. From a completely exposed position, he killed as many as 50 enemy soldiers as he protected his men.

Sergeant Smith’s leadership saved the men in the courtyard, and he prevented an enemy attack on the aid station just up the road. Sergeant Smith continued to fire and took a — until he took a fatal round to the head. His actions in that courtyard saved the lives of more than 100 American soldiers.

Corporal Jason Dunham

In April 2004, during an attack near Iraq’s Syrian border, Corporal Dunham was assaulted by an insurgent who jumped out of a vehicle that was about to be searched. As Corporal Dunham wrestled the man to the ground, the insurgent rolled out a grenade he had been hiding. Corporal Dunham did not hesitate. He jumped on the grenade, using his helmet and body to absorb the blast. Although he survived the initial explosion, he did not survive his wounds. But by his selflessness, Corporal Dunham saved the lives of two of his men, and showed the world what it means to be a Marine.

there are also so many others that have received purple hearts, bronze stars, silver stars… but the medal of honor… that should be in the news… not britney spears and paris hilton out and about..


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