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come on peta, people that like dogs, hate dog fights, think animal cruelty is inhuman (um.. yeah.. they are not humans) get off michael vicks back.. why does he need to be suspended?  why does he need to lose his sponsorships?

yeah.. he is a multimmillionaire, famous and extremely talented quarterback, and has loads of potential that has yet to be backed up by a decent team… but he needs a hobby too

mike tyson has pigeons, ray jones has chickens… and mike vick loves to breed pit bulls and let them fight…

that is the _natural_ order of things no?  if pit bulls fight.. it is cause it is their nature…

mike vick is helping the pit bull breed by letting the strongest and most aggressive survive.. and either hanging, poisoning, and my favorite.. electrocuting the losing dog from the fights…

mike vick is jump starting (hehe) the evolutionary process in this one species of animal..

i think i am gonna go buy a bunch of betas and put them in the same tank… cause they fight too…  and i wanna help mother nature out

if al gore can have global warming as his pet project… mike vick and have the betterment of pit bulls… and i will take betas… cause that is all i can afford.

what a retarded super bowl….

the game was dull after the 18th turnover… come on.. put some gloves on… and hold onto the ball…. oooo rain.. we have never plaed in that before… what the heck

the commercials were awful save the snickers commercial and the rock paper scissors ones and carlos mencia teaching engrish…. all the other ones were just bad… some odd ones were the beard comeover…

halftime was boring… prince? err.. hermaphrodite symbol… errr.. the artist formally known as…. would have preferred any of the bands that he covered… tina turner, foo fighters… anyone else… wasn’t purple rain back in like 1985 or something .. i would have preferred the superbowl shuffle.. by the old school bears.

the best was tony dungy bringing the christian spin to every question that the interviewer was asking.. bringing the black ‘christian’ coaches… the lord brings us through the storms… and so on… loved that he felt more significant that he was a chirsitan coach to win.. over that he was a black coach… people must have been losing their minds…

Jim Nantz: This is one of those moments, Tony, where there is also social significance in this victory, and to have your hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Tell me what this means to you right now.

Tony Dungy: I’ll tell you what. I’m proud to be representing African-American coaches, to be the first African-American to win this. It means an awful lot to our country. But again, more than anything, I’ve said it before, Lovie Smith and I, not only the first two African-Americans, but Christian coaches showing that you can win doing it the Lord’s way. And we’re more proud of that.

i think i actually fell asleep for a few minutes during the game… it was medication induced.. but still.. i had to force myself out of the stupor that i was in

well in 14 days.. it is gonna be a different kind of black sunday…

it will still be the superbowl…. but it is not a terrorist plot to blow things up… it is about 2 black coaches blowing up and making it to the superbowl on the same day…

it will be historic… 2 teams both coached by black coaches….  congrats to both.. well deserved.. long awaited.

hours after lovie smith .. coach of the chicago bears beat down the saints to become the first black coach to make it to the superbowl… it looked like he would be there alone…

tony dungy overcame the initial meltdown by his indianapolis colts quarterback peyton manning.. to become the second black coach to make it to the super bowl.  i am glad that peyton has this monkey off his back too… lets see if he chokes in the big dance

about time.. it is a shame that it took this long for this to happen.

hey… this is the lack helicopter section… but you think that maybe they planned this.. to make sure that 2 black coaches made it to the superbowl.. which will be in black history month?  kinda like when denzel washington and halle berry won at the same time? who knows.

over 70% of the players in the nfl are african american.  but there are only like 15-20% of the coaching slots are filled by african americans.

it is time to get more coaches in .. especially with art shell getting canned that is one less african american coach in the nfl… stupid cracker al davis..


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