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i had planned on taking my son to the WWE Monday Night RAW show at the Pepsi Center.. cause the tix were like $20.

But the Nuggets are doing really well against the Lakers… altho they let 2 of the 3 games they _should_ have won let slip out of their fingers.  wish my wife still worked for that home builder that had the suite at pepsi center, cause we used to get to go to a lot of nuggets games

but back to the wresling.  it would have been a fun escapism thing that had been popular enough to be sold out…  i guess wrasslin’ is still fun for people.

i just hate how it was all handled by stan kroenke and letting that vince mcmahon guyt make lim look the fool.

it is kind of strange that the NBA also was so ridgid on having the game on monday

geez.. first the rockies in the world series, then the nuggets in round 1, and now the avalanches’ embarrassing 8 to 2 loss to the redwings … hey at least they got to round 2 i guess

bring out the brooms.  wait .. no victory riots to clean up after

at the last nuggets game… i noticed something on the left arm of marcus camby (one of my fav players)… a tattoo of his own name… marcus. i like looking at tats on people to see if i can figure out why they got specific ones.

ok.. is this some weird memento thing where he forgets who he is and needs to tat up to remember his own name? was it some drunken machismo thing? is it all ego?

most people get tats with something like … mom, their kids names, wifes name, dead family or friends name, random japanese or chinese… but their own name?

so.. in the middle of the first quarter of the last nuggets game against sacramento… steve blake was elbowed in the grill and was bleeding all over the place…

he came back in the second with a bandaid across his upper lip… a big bandaid

i was not able to find a picture of him in the papers or on the nuggets site with the bandaid face.. so i made my own.. here is it..


well.. it was funny looking… but the weird part was… he has those eyes.. those lids that fall just a bit like hitler or a bald groucho marx… i don’t want to say it.. but … he looked like hitler… as the middle of the bandaid hit the center of his upper lip just so… i am not saying hitler is funny… just that steve blake looked funny with the bandaid over his lip.. that made him look like hitler.. and this is not a knock on steve blake like he is some sort of racist… cause i don’t have information to tell me that he is.. it just looked really really funny everytime they zoomed in on his face

too bad if he gets traded… cause he has been playing really well the last few games… best in his career… and the nuggets don’t need yet another change

content ?

it has been a month since allen iverson came to denver to play for the nuggets… and in a weird way…i think that a.i. is actually happy and content being here in denver.

being here in po’dunk denver.. we did not get to see philly too much.. other than on sportscenter or halftime shows… and he always seemed… uh.. like me… cranky

he has brought a new excitement to the game… and actually having guys passing.. and trying to emulate him with no looks and stuff.. kind of funny… but good for the fans.

i think he is getting to the point in life where jordan was when he started to win championships … has a younger guy that he can pass to in carmelo anthony who can draw a double team… and can finish

it has been fun watching them interact and start to build chemistry in the games… just wish that they would break the losing streak…

maybe it will help if the refs start calling some fouls… i have never seen anyone take so many hits and fouled more without getting calls than allen iverson… i guess the reputation still hurts him there..

we have the corp suite again… for monday and i am taking my boss .. cause bonus time is coming up and i am trying to butter him up… eeewwwww… uh.. make him give me mo percentages….

i am just happy that basketball is on par with hockey at pepsi center now… it is just nice that we don’t have to pony up for something like a 10 game pack…

alrighty… yea nuggets…

carmelo anthony + allen iverson + earl boykins steve blake + marcus camby +fat nene skinnier nene had their first game together… and won!

have been waiting since december for this… first time in a long time that i have been amped about watching the nuggets…

as a denver homer fan.. i love all the teams.. ever since my family moved here in 1984…. and have enjoyed having all the major sports… even the rockies.

but the nuggets are finally making the moves that they needed to make.. and the combo of players is right now… even with kenyon martin out of the mix…

go get the 14 game pack.. or go to a family night where it is like $55 for 4 people… it is fun… and watch the usher in section 112 breakdance during commercial breaks.  and the pepsi center is a great place for sports… not a bad seat.. hockey, basketball, arena football, lacrosse… all are great fun .. especially when your team wins

i hope my wife gets more time in the suites …


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