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finally… my photosynth is online andat 76% synthy ness

i will start posting my skillet and jeremy camp sets here in a bit

microsoft has let loose photosynth…

i know microsoft gets a lot of flack but for what they provide and interoperability and such… they actually do a good job … note that this is coming form a guy that has his 7 month old playing on a kubuntu laptop already

well.. there was an episode of csi: ny where they used photosynth for 3D display from a group of pictures and you can see different points of view…

i tried uploading a batch and their servers are getting hammered so they have stopped accepting uploads for now.. but you get 20GB of space for free using your passport login

so if you collected all of the pictures from a tour group at some location, photosynth looks for similarities, points of view, aspect ratios, angles etc.. and generates a 3D world where you can float thru the pictures .. zoom in, look from another point of view, just cool stuff.

one of the original samples was of a palace in korea… so automatically, they had my attention and it was amazing that you got a wireframe of the whole complex, then were able to look around from different distances based on pictures that people had taken…

i have been waiting for them to release this for a while as i generally try to do the virtual tour type captures and have burst shot enabled on my camera… so it will be neat looking at some of the structures and beaches and stuff from vacations in 3D

check out photosynth here

i am the typical asian tourist… with a camera for everything… also.. i don’t like being photgraphed.. so… as the defacto photographer… i avoid that .. i am always behind the lens

i used to have my dads old canon a10 film camera.. but film was expensive … so did not get to indulge myself… i could test settings without having to remember what settings i had.. it is all encoded now in the digital pix… and i can generally get the shot i want… although some shots of a sunrise messed up the focus for a little while…

with the digital cameras… i found a medium where i could shoot like crazy… i was averaging 600-1000 frames during recent vacations.  and disk space is all i have to worry about… and used to post all my stuff to a php gallery that i setup on one of my servers…

i finally took the plunge and started to post things to flikr.. here

so… take a gander… i only have a fujifilm s5100 … cause that was the only slr type camera i could afford at the time.

i am still experimenting with it as some of the settings are goofy.. and i hate the delay from snap to capture… that i never had with a film camera..

i am trying to get the go to get a nikon d70 or something.. i just want a camera with better macro functionality and better lens support…

i also pegged some of the pictures on the sidebar … so.. let me know what you think….

more to come


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