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the chair that was there at work by default was torture on my back… so i got a doc note to get a better chair and instead of taking my aeron chair in from home… i got this

i got it at costco and it is actually a pretty good chair for my back.  The chair is by true innovations and won the platinum design award from the award for design excellence site for 2010.  and being costco… the price was great for it.

I have alreadyt been getting comments like.. nice captains chair… or who do i have to sleep with to get a chair like that…  just funny.

i have given facebook and twitter a go… and miss blogging.

I think i will limit myself to a few times a week and not burn myself out like i did before by posting multiple times per day sometimes.

i will start sharing photos again as well…  hope to enjoy.

i loves me my politics … just cause i cant vote so i have no real tie to anything… and like taking both sides of the argument just for debate sake…

this midterm election is going to be interesting… in virginia and new jersey for governor…. and congress in the 23rd in new york (what a freak show that scozzafava is.. the republican candidate that is more liberal than the democrat…) and i love that they have a seperate ‘conservative’ party .. instead of republican

the new jersey race is gonna be fun …

i love that obama had so much time to stump and campaign some more for corzine in NJ cause it will look really really bad if these 3 races go non-demopcrat

my wife is a citizen.  my kids are citizens.  my siblings are citizens.  even my parents got their citizenship before me.

the only thing that cant do is vote and get certain government jobs… everything else is as if i am a citizen.

i dont have to do jury duty… i still pay taxes… i still had to register with selective service for military service.

i want to retain my korean citizenship, but they stopped doing dual citizenship here in the US. but i have a deep pride in being korean and i feel in a way that i dont want to expat myself from korea

arrrgggg… it is also like twice as much to do it now than when i first could have

have been having issues with my blackberry bold… it has been my favorite in my 8+ years using blackberrys, but in the past month, i have had 3 replacements.

att even sent a replacement with a cracked screen…

what a pain cause it is on BES and all the apps and restore

maybe time to upgrade to the blackberry bold2 9700 onyx .. and what is with all the numbers and different names… that has been a weird change too

i just want phone to work and my emails…

as you may know.. my favorite show on tv is dexter on showtime.  i am also a huge comic book dork and love graphic novels

they started doing some graphic novels about the ‘early years’ of dexter on their site … so.. both of both worlds.   view here

check it out, they have 2 webisodes done so far and 3 artists will do some back story about dexter pre show…

so another flipping shooting by a whackadoo .. this time killing a guard at the holocaust memorial museum in DC.

in the past few weeks, we had the killing of george tiller (the baby killer abortionist), we had the shooting in alabama army recruiting center where one of the 2 recruiters shot is dead… but you would not know it happened based on the volume of coverage for george tiller.

and today, the shooting by some 89 year old white supremacist james von brunn… who took a rifle and a sawed off shotgun i think.. and shot a guard before two other guards shot him.

some are going to play the political game and say that this was a right wing extremist…

no.. this is a freaking hard core neo-nazi douche bag that does not represent any sane view on society.  i also hear that he is part of the 9/11 truth conspiracy movement as well and will be celebrated as a hero to taking action … and specifically against the jews.

the guy that shot george tiller is a douche and a crazy fruit cake.  he does not truly believe in pro-life.. as his action contradicts the message of the sanctity of life… no matter what stage.

the guy that shot the recruiters is a douche and a crazy fruit cake.  he is a recent convert to islam… and said that he felt this was a act of war so does not consider his actions murder.  hey janet napolitano, does this count as a man made disaster? and i did not see muslims listed in that list of domestic terrorists of yours.  and odd that during obama giving his speeches in muslim countries, this story has been buried

this guy shooting at a holocaust memorial is a freaking douche.  he is an old man.. but i would water board him.  i would put him into stress positions.  i would just junk punch the hell out of him… just because

this is as clear a sign that it does not matter the politics, the religion, whatever… some people are just freakin crazy and have no sense of what it means to live in a country that starts with: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

these guys have no right to take these unalienable rights away from any other person

here are some of the pix that i took of the southlands tornado

2009-06-07 tornado 060

2009-06-07 tornado 386

you can see the rest on my flickr photostream

so here is a short clip of the southlands tornado in aurora that was sputtering out by the time it was passing by my house

with news of the impending divorce of jon & kate … i thought i would share about my grandparents .. and ther 60 years of marriage and how they are still setting an example and going strong .. so suck it jon and kate

as some of you know, i was lucky enough to get to go out to korea on short notice for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.  and although they had an arranged marriage… my grandparents showed love and care that even people that voluntary marry dont ever show.

it ended up being 19 of us from the states going out there for the celebration.  As eldest grandchild and being a boy and all … it was extra special for me to be there … and my son is the eldest grandchild … and a boy .. so again extra extra special

there was also more than 2 dozen immediate family and some cousins as well…

my grandfather made the whole trip memorable (not that it was not anyway) but made it even more special for my son christian who went with me.  we had gone to just spend some time with my grandpa and grandma the night before we were supposed to come back and my grandfather said the following

he said that he had the most important first borns in his life.  my grandmother was a firstborn … i was the first grandchild and their first grandchild was there as well. i admit i cried for a bit cause it is so awesome just sitting in the same room as my grandfather and grandmother… but for him to say something like that… was profound…. and also out of character for a korean

i hope fly them out to denver next year… or take the whole family out … and set aside a few days of just being around my grandparents… even if we are not doing anything…

check out the small group of family that was there before the celebration dinner … and consider that we were missing about a 1/4 of the grand kids and cousins (my wife and 2 other kids were mia). I am the freaky tall one on the right and note that i was a step below everyone on the top level squinting like a mother and swollen cause of jetlag and allergies 😉


sad news out of bangkok regarding the death of david carradine.  i grew up watching re-runs of ‘kung fu’ after school as a FOB in LA back in he 80s and wondering why they had round eye playing a shaolin monk.

i guess there are some weird details about how he was hung in the closet with rope around his neck, wrist and genitals … maybe there were women there helping him and things went wrong … maybe it was just auto-erotic asphyxia … maybe we should mind our own dang business and let his family mourn

i enjoyed his recent work in the ‘kill bill’ movies .. and was looking forward to his appearance on that new show ‘mental’

you will be missed grasshopper

so on my recent trip to korea, i lost a pair of my shure scl3 series headphones. i was proud of them as i had gotten them for under $100 for headphones that normally go for $300.


i called san fran lost and found and the airline and they said that in the time i realize they were missing (walking thru customs) and looking up contact info and reporting the ‘loss’ they disappeared.

what would you do? would you keep something as simple as earphones if found on a plane? would you turn it it? if you worked the lost and found dept.. would you swipe them? i think most places have a rule about you becoming the new owner if the item is not claimed after X number of days … but this was within hours. would you have waited the 14-30 days to to take ownership of something you ‘found’ or just thought … who cares .. and skipped the lost and found?

i missed my earphones so much, that i had to order some new ones… and i found a last pair of shure se410 earphones (normally ~$400) on amazon for under $100.  so i think i did ok… just irritated that simple things like this are not returned.


i found a lot of ‘used’ earphones without boxes or the additional earbuds and proof of ownership … i guess i should have looked for used slc3 earphones on craigslist and other sites…

well anyway… i cant wait

this series should be over .. the nuggets _let_ the lakers win some… but could have and should have won all of them

and what is with the birdman?  i like that he worked through the drug suspension and is back, appreciating the game that he plays and is one of those guys doing the little things like signing autographs before and after the game.  interesting that he was more popular with the fans than carmelo, chaunce, or even iverson.

i wonder if the game would have been the same if not for the pepsi center… and booting WWE out

so the jetlag that i was thinking had not hit me that hard finally hit yesterday.  in the day and a half, i got more sleep than the combined week before.  yeah.. a whole week of teetering on the edge and then sun/mon … i got like 15 hours of sleep

i thought the altitude migraine was going easy on me too… and that came back with a vengeance.

all as well .. we tried to take the kids fishing at aurora reservoir and that sucked .. and then the rain came.

we love rain, but this was flash flood rain for a bit while we were having lunch

i had planned on taking my son to the WWE Monday Night RAW show at the Pepsi Center.. cause the tix were like $20.

But the Nuggets are doing really well against the Lakers… altho they let 2 of the 3 games they _should_ have won let slip out of their fingers.  wish my wife still worked for that home builder that had the suite at pepsi center, cause we used to get to go to a lot of nuggets games

but back to the wresling.  it would have been a fun escapism thing that had been popular enough to be sold out…  i guess wrasslin’ is still fun for people.

i just hate how it was all handled by stan kroenke and letting that vince mcmahon guyt make lim look the fool.

it is kind of strange that the NBA also was so ridgid on having the game on monday


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