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i heard this as i was heading to work this morning but had to read it for myself … this has to do with hillary clinton withdrawing from attending the anti-iran rally in new york read more here

this is the quote that got me…

“Her attendance was news to us, and this was never billed to us as a partisan political event,” a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, Philippe Reines, said on Wednesday. “Senator Clinton will therefore not be attending.”

umm… is hillary TRYING to look like a bitter partisan from the SNL skit from this past weekend where the ‘fake’ hillary said that she thought she would be there alone.

i am trying to understand how the rally would NOT have been a partisan political event when it was just hillary there … but all of a sudden it turns INTO a partisan political event when a member of the opposition party is there with you.  by definition, would the appearance of both of them make it a bipartisan event?  or at least show iran that your feelings are not going to be hurt just because they invited the pretty girl to the party and you think you are going to be outshadowed in your politically motivated acceptance of the rally in the first place.

i think that is the image that iran needs to see… we are anti-you as long as palin is not there.  or we are anti-you until we are going to look like a SNL skit.

come on hillary.  cant you put aside your fangs for one day and just support Israel… as the UN announces today that iran is retrofitting their missiles/rockets to carry nuclear payload.  and we all know where those are headed

there is so much talk about barack being such a great speaker.. and granted… he does read speeches well like his acceptance speech.

the issue seems to be when he is off prompter and in sit down interviews… he uses ‘ummm’ almost every few words, hem and haws, pauses, uses things like ‘come on’, ‘you know’, makes gaffs like the ‘my muslim faith’ and ’57 states’ things that are just goofy, and just makes me so frustrated listening to him that i want to punch him in the face through the tv or the youtubes or the radio

on the other hand, sarah palin has given a well read speech as well during the convention and also had to deal with a teleprompter that lost its mind and she basically was off prompter for the second half of her speech and she still did a fine job.

i was trying to compare the interviews that obama has given over the many months .. actually years now, compared to the week 2 weeks of sarah palin getting the full on frontal barrage that she has had to deal with… and this.. being her first nationally televised interview

for someone that is touted as being very articulate and a great speaker… i do  not see that when he is off prompter or in live forums….

also… i thought the body language was interesting… note that barack kept leaning forward and trying to touch bill oreilly on the knee or something… 😉

these are baracks interview with bill oreilly

here are sarah palins interviews with charlie gibson

ok there is a lot of talk about barack calling sarah palin a pig when he used the pig and lipstick line…

yeah.. i think he was taking a jab at her but so what… really … is that what this politcal season is all about?

it is also stupid of barack to not just apologize and move on.  if he really just misspoke or meant no harm… then he would not have been so caught by that overnight ad about the hockey mom and lipstick and putting lipstick on a pig and it still being a pig..

get over it.. my 5th grader is above that crap

so what happened to kids of political types being off limits… even barack said kids are off limits…

barack.. might want to tell the guys over at the daily kos and andrew sullivan and the main stream media and cable news and yo momma

first was the rumor that sarah palin was covering for her daughter bristol on her 5th child, who happens to have down syndrome… and that sarah palin had faked an entire pregnancy to cover for the then 16 year old bristol..

and now the revelation that bristol is in fact 5 months pregnant with her boyfriend and they are going to keep the baby and get married…

the horrrrroor!!!!

wait.. where the the outcry when jaime lynn spears .. the 15 year old

maybe this is why sarah palin is so pro abstinence education… cause the current system sucks and you know what.. scientifically… if you dont have sex or the extreme of having in vitro or baster babied… you will not get pregnant … sans the single case back about 200 years ago…

so with the selection of alaskan governor sarah palin, are we gonna be able to get old mccain to drill there if he takes office in november?

I sure hope so …. cause I hate caribou and want them all to die… die… die!!! wait.  they will not die cause they dont live in the part of anwr (alaskan national wilderness refuge) they want to drill in… some of them just walk through the area every 6 months or some crap like that…

although nobody knows who she is… Her name has been floating around since the beginning… i think she was one that put the kibosh on the bridge to nowhere and corruption in her state…

i think they are gonna attack her lack of experience.. but actually she has run more stuff than barack and ran the state of alaska and has 80-90% approval ratings as the governor … they prob will attack her as being in with the big oil crowd.. but you know what… why is that bad?  the alaskan pipeline.. the existing one that has been there for 30+ years and minimal issues … and there has not been the impact to the animals or environment that they claim.. and our technology is so much better now…

maybe i am a bit biased cause i worked for an oil company for a year.. am i in the pocket of big oil cause of that?  maybe.. maybe not… just practical.

i want the magic hydrogen car that flies and emits rainbows and orgasms … uh not on you.. but make you have them… but we were told that flying car technology was going to be in the 90s and we still have huge land locked cars…. so not sure how much stock to put into the alternative energies plans.

i will take the democrats seriously on alternative energies when they fly on commercial flights to their home states and take buses and rail to work and not in sup’d up tahoes and suburbans and fly to engagement after engagement talking about global warming .. wait that is not the word… global climate change… whilst using more energy than all of ususe in a year in probably a week in all of their mansions and private flights.

i will take republicans seriously on oil use when they actually stop spending money on stuff we didnt ask for and actually spend money for the troops and not putting us in a deficit and return to true conservative principles that led us to being a super power in the world and the US that we all want to return to…


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