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matt roloff of ‘little people, big world’ (show on tlc about a dwarf family) fame was arrested on a dui

before we move to making a bunch of short jokes… we need to see how even tlc patronizes and hates on the short people


note the button right under ‘meet matt roloff’ .. 😉 .. note that i used ‘full size’ option when uploading the picture too .. hehe

well.. some mean and un-pc comments might be…

– how drunk was he.. and then you say.. this drunk.. and you only mark up to your knees
– did he drink all half-pints
– how did he reach the pedals
-during the sobriety test… he walks all funny anyway.. how did they fugure he wasweaving
– instead of a 12 step program.. do dwarfs have 6 step programs

but we are good and wholesome.. so we won’t ask those questions

just when i thought all the celebrity adoptions were going to africa…. angelina jolie goes and brings it back east…

i guess once you go yellow… the jaundice keeps from too weak to fight it…

i am so glad she adopted that vietnamese boy.. and then changed his name… but too bad the real mom wants the baby back now….


but in any case.. thanks angie for making asia the hot bed for unwanted babies again

i never see any animal rights activists calling for the elimination of whales to save the krills.  i have never seen a bumper sticker or tv shows or congressional hearings…
an estimated 4 million krill are consumed daily by a blue whale… yes.. daily.

where are the calls for trimming the baleen so that a certain percentage of the krill will be able to escape the deadly jaws of whales…

so… peta and other cute animal lovers are very selective and bigoted against the lowly krill…

fox show ’24’ must really hate black folk… well.. enough to fake liking them… electing 2 of them as president.. but just to kill them off.

it was really progressive of them to have a black president… but they killed him off…

jack has to kill curtis in favor of a terroist…

and then the brother of the killed black president is now the president… and they tried to kill him off too…

jump the shark they have…

at the last nuggets game… i noticed something on the left arm of marcus camby (one of my fav players)… a tattoo of his own name… marcus. i like looking at tats on people to see if i can figure out why they got specific ones.

ok.. is this some weird memento thing where he forgets who he is and needs to tat up to remember his own name? was it some drunken machismo thing? is it all ego?

most people get tats with something like … mom, their kids names, wifes name, dead family or friends name, random japanese or chinese… but their own name?

part 2 of the english to korean to engrish to koreum to konglish — this is horrible.. and to think that people use this as a method to translate things for business .. scary… or should i .. wait.. i don’t know what to say.. fix it google/bablefish/rosetta stone/whatever translator you are using .. you can’t just tag everthing beta or charge hundreds of dollars .. cause your non-beta translation suck just as bad ..

you can actually buy your own translation sweat shop slave .. cause all the koreans learn english.. and translation should be fine.. or just keep using the free online stuff that is pretty good for what it is.. but still

using a simple .. very well known nursery rhyme…

twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are

당신이 인 무슨을 나가 생각해 보는 방법, 반짝임, 반짝임, 적은 별. 하늘에 있는 다이아몬드 같이 세계의 위 높은 쪽으로 이렇게 높이. 당신이 인 무슨을 나가 생각해 보는 방법, 반짝임, 반짝임, 적은 별.

this person of you it goes out and the method which it tries to think, it glitters, it glitters, the enemy the star. the diamond which is to sky with the together up of the world it is like this high piece height. this person of you it goes out and the method which it tries to think, it glitters, it glitters, the enemy the star


당신 의 이 사람은 그것 나가고 생각하는 것을 시도하는 방법, 그것 빛난다, 적 별 빛난다. 세계의 함께 위로를 가진 하늘에 그것인 다이아몬드는 이 높은 조각 고도 같이 이다. 당신의 이 사람은 그것 나가고 생각하는 것을 시도하는 방법, 그것 빛난다, 적 별 빛난다

You this person goes out and it the method the fact that it thinks, it it shines, the enemy star it shines. The formation of a cabinet altitude where the diamond which is it in the sky which has together the comfort of the world is high together is. You this person goes out and it the method the fact that it thinks, it it shines, the enemy star it shines

if you have read any of my posts.. you will see that i engage in poking and prodding and being over the top… all with a purpose though… make you think. make you angry.. make you react.. make you laugh…

actually.. i do like to offend.  i am very imposing per my wife..  cause i exude aggression and intimidation and my frown and scowl not only stop my kids in their tracks but grownups too…  (poor waitress at pf changs… could barely make eye contact… after making us wait 15 minutes before taking our order).  i just wear my emotions on my sleeve and i am going to let you know if i am not happy about something. yeah.. sometimes it is over stupid stuff.. or road raging.. actually… i call it aggressive driving.. to prevent people that have maybe slighted me on the road.. or not following proper road etiquette… i will block speeders in.. and hold them from passing..

it is like one of those w.w.j.d moments… what whould jesus do? what would jesus blog? what would jesus rant about?

are you conforming to whatever is pushed at you from both left and right sides?  do you conform to your safe church going habit?  do you just pray your 3 sec prayer before you eat?  do you get offended because it really offends you.. or because society tells you that you should be offended?

i poke fun of my race, my people, our culture, our speech… cause i think that more over the top you go.. it brings the median line up a bit… on what is commonplace and acceptable.

i am in it to offend.. and if i have not offended you.. then i am not doing a good enough job… then you think like i do.. just afraid to say it…

i generally try to follow up with people that leave comments that are contrary to whatever i have posted… a lot of times.. i have the same viewpoint.. but want them to be able to justify their position….   i have had extended exchanges with some… but a lot of times.. they reach a point where they can no longer fight back… again.. even if i agree with them.. i want them to do the research and have an informed viewpoint.. and i will toss them the opposing side.. as that helps me form my options as well..

be offended.  but know why you are…

ok.. do they check for doping for those hold your wee-wee for a nintendo wii?

you know the wee-wee pills that talk about you having a going problem…. if you popped a couple of those pills.. then you would have been able to control your bladder mo better

i could have so won that thing… i once held it all the way while driving to california.. that is 1100 miles. and loads of boisson

hmm… i wonder if i could have won 2 if i had held it driving out to sacramento.. and then entering the contest and holding it some more?

too bad 10 people got fired from that radio station… and there is already a law suit pending… how do they sue when they sign a waiver.. and there were under no distress or being held against their will… there was a lso a nurse that called in during the contest and talked about water intoxication… and the dangers… there is a criminal investigation under way as well.. come on… the only negligent person here was jennifer strange. she put a stupid wii over her 3 kids… she probably wanted to get it for her kids.. but come on.

the contest was stupid.. but 18 people and probably even more were more willing to enter a contest where they could die.. or have major health issues.. for a .. uh… video game console. idiots.

it looks like david beckham is coming to america. cause his friend tom cruise said so. beckham has some grand idea that by coming to america.. he is going to make soccer the true football…. uh yeah.

good luck we have freddie adu already… and soccer is not popular beyond the soccer moms and the 4th grade…. they had that guy from melrose place playing pro soccer for a while (you know… elizabeth shues brother).. and soccer still is not popular… wait.. wasn’t freddie in 4th grade when they signed him?

unlike the rest of the world that has nothing _but_ soccer… we have 5 pro teams + in denver alone. and so many other club level, college level, masters level, rec center pickup level sports that people are into.. i bet you… soccer is not in the top 5 if you asked anyone over the age of say 10

  • football
  • hockey
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • spelling bee (if it is on espn.. it is a sport)
  • swimming
  • chess
  • ultimate frisbee
  • wrestling
  • ufc
  • x-games stuff (roller anything)

and also… if you were going to bring soccer to america… why pair up with tom cruise… should have hooked up with bradgelina … adopted a baby.. and teach it soccer.. then… send them to acting school and make a ‘bend it like daddy’ movie or something…

i think the mls is gonna have to sell all of the current teams to have enough money to sign beckham… wonder what the talking fee is gonna be…

not to take anything away from him.. but his world cup showing was weak. he should have done this years ago..

the other thing is… ronaldo is coming too… he may have more draw than beckham… i would rather watch ronaldinio with his stupid mad jukin skills than beckham…

maybe it is a vast left wing scientologist conspiracy…. make people hate america by enbracing soccer…

so… maybe you have heard the story about tycho brahe and how he died cause he challenged some other dude to a no pissing contest. hmm.. maybe that is where the saying comes from. who is tycho brahe you ask? all i will say is kepler orbits his work. look it up… or a sad commentary on the state of education..

even more sad is the story of this women.. ironically named jennifer strange… a mother of 3.. that entered a contest to drink the most water and not go to the bathroom for a chance to win a nintendo wii. she is dead. water intoxication… basically drowned to death.. and cause her organs to fail because of electrolyte imbalance.. hmm.. so many common sense things that are wrong here and she worked in a medical field at a radiology center…. read here

what a stupid way to die… you hear the stories about how even terri shiavo ended up how she did because she drank too much ice tea.. all the kids that die when they take x [ecstacy] cause they are sooo thirsty.

it is not like her kids can go out and say.. my mom drank herself to death… or.. she no pee-pee go dead.

darwin awards… here we come

we were at the nuggets game last night… booooooo … what a dull game .. the only highlight was that we had the entire suite that my wifes company owns… and iverson had one really awesome drive to the hoop…

well… 3rd qtr…. rocky the super mascot has a camera on the fans to dance…. gets up to the 3rd level and spots this white/nerdy guy. and right away.. he gets his funky groove on… and then out of nowhere.. lifts his shirt. a little.. and it is a hairy belly.. and the crowd is boooing and eeewwwwing… so rocky locks back in on him. guy starts dancing again.. and then lifts his shirt again…

what the heck.. is there some weird girls gone wild syndrome … where if you are on camera.. you are obligated to lift your shirt and show your man boobs?

well… it gets worse. the hairy man completely takes his shirt off… think chris farley doing the chippendale dance with patrick swayze… but much less funny.

the ewwing and icks start to build.. and for whatever reason.. the guy gets emboldened … and starts loosening his belt. .. this draws even more jeers but he keeps going.

it gets worse… he starts to unbutton and unzip his pants…. and starts acting like he is teasing us that he was gonna pull this draws down too…

he throws his shirt over the ledge.. and some catches it.. maybe thinking that they caught a free shirt.. and then realizing that it was from that freaky stripper dude on the 3rd level… and they quickly start throwing down to the court… as the shirt makes it to the court.. the cops finally get to the guy holding his arms to prevent him from dropping trou

although the most gross moment in the game… it was funny … just wonder where dignity and a sense of shame are.. do they go out the door with the $6 beers or is it that they are being seen… even on close caption.. wonder what this guy would hve done i he knew he was on national tv…

muhaaaaa we used up most of the gftcards and gift certificates that we got for christimas…

moveis, dinners, books., popcorn..

sorry kelly fam … i remembered each of the gift cards that we got.. cause we have them on a ledge in the kitchen.. so we see that we have to go use them. you can have the spent ones if you like… some have nice designs

disclaimer…. i am an immigrant. a bonifide green card carrying resident alien… i had to wait years to come into the country as a child. there was lots of paperwork. i come from a country with the most defended fence in the world. and i am wearing my flameproof suit (made in korea).

why is america so scared to build a fence… i heard a blurb on 850koa … there was apparently an armed raid on an border control outpost in arizona causing national guardsmen to retreat.. and then these thugs retreated back over the border… read here

you think that maybe… this was a test run? maybe a smuggling ring? maybe a human trafficking ring? maybe a terrorist smuggling ploy?

were they armed? did they have ammo? did rules of engagement call for retreat? — these were all questions that gunny bob put out there.

really.. we have a republican president that has drunk the koolaid about immigration and guest workers (amnesty) and now a democratic ruled congress that is gonna stick it to the republicans .. so much for being civil and working in a bipartisain manner… 100 hours of socialism at work for ya

good luck getting funding for the fence now.

come on… korea has a fence. across the whole country. we are not gonna let our own nationality into the country if they are from the other side… and the americans are afraid to protect their borders? all 396 miles of this fence is guarded by military on both sides… and the heaviest guarded border on the planet. the dmz is over 2 miles wide.. and fences on both sides. again… why is this so hard? koreans can do it.. why can’t americans

look at mexico.. do they like the guatamalans and hondurans coming over the borders filling jobs that are left undone because mexican nationals are jumping… actually nothing there to jump.. and walking over or getting packed 14-17 into a minivan and then getting driven over and into accidents here in colorado…

it sucks that the illegal aliens (not undocumentated workers or whatever friendly names you wanna put on it) are breaking the laws of the country that they are gaining from… using resources that our taxes are paying for… whatever benefit lower cost workers give us… the drain on social programs… public schools, medical care, etc… all add up to more than the cost savings from having these illegal aliens in the country

as an immigrant… and having to wait 3 years seperated from my father who was in the country and working on visas and paperwork to get us in legally… and seeing my parents finally get their citizenship after 26 years in the state… it frustrates me to no end that the new policies that are gonna get rolled out are bad… bad.. bad…

people that confuse the ire of people that dislike illegal aliens and legal immigration are either misinformed… or just trying to ram their agenda down everyones throat… there are policies and procedures in place if you would like to come into the country… heck even visit for a while… but to work here… you have to forge documents… use and rely on identity theft… and lie on every document that you sign ..

what happened to the days of deportation… when they would raid sweatshops and farms and have illegals scambling around screaming ‘immigration’ in their native tongue… what ever happened to enforcing the laws that are on the books.. what happened to fining companies that hire illegals. this is not just a fence issue.. but building it shows that we are serious about the issue

there was a tom brokaw special on the epidemic of illegal aliens.. and covered a construction company up in aspen colorado … they showed and followed the story about a couple of folks in the country illegally (um… you are now on tv idiots) and then the story went into anchor babies.. and how that was a weird backdoor for anyone born in the country being a citizen… even to illegal aliens. and a young guy.. earning $14/hr+ doing landscaping.. yeah.. $14/hr… that is $30k annually… not bad for an illegal. this fella also said that he was just here for a few years… and would return to mexico once he had enough to start his own company there… but after the company had to let a few illegals go… they were not able to fill the positions. there are $30k salary jobs in america that are not being filled??? and at last count.. how many people were on unemployment… on welfare? give me a break…

the story ended with this guy that said he would return to mexico.. getting married here. to yet another illegal alien… that has been here for 20 years…. and fading out with… he did not know if he would retuern now since he was married and was gonna start a family… hmmm… wait… last time i knew… you needed a social security card and drivers license to get a marriage license.. even blood work. so.. i wonder whos ssn these 2 have… i wonder how they have bank accts, apply for housing, have mortgages… sad thing is… i bet you that they have voted. (ummm.. yeah.. wanted to say that you are still on tv.. and not you have shown you, your new wife, and the mariachi band… at your wedding… on tv… dummies)

that is yet another thing that needs to be reigned in.. why is it so hard to show 2 forms of id to do something as important as the act of voting… a privilege that is given to every citizen in the country and something you have to register to do each election… but stripped away from felons… you have to present id to buy a beer or those tasty mojitos… but i guess since currently.. breaking into the country by hoping over the border is only a misdemeanor… that is why they are letting illegals vote.

in my 26 years in the country….. that is a privilege that i have never been able to partake in… like communion or something… let that tray go by cause i am not ready… or my life is not in order… also.. cause i am scared of the words that have you check and verify that you are a citizen of the united states of america… i know by law.. i can vote for city elections.. but nothing on the state or national stage.. as a resident alien. sadly.. i think resident aliens are the most versed on how the system works.. cause we have to take a test to become citizens.. we have to read and know the constitution, bill of rights, names of politicians, how the electoral college works… how the seats in congress are divided… the true nature of checks and balances…. with that said.. the only reason i am not a citizen yet… is because i don’t have to worry about jury duty… not really.. but that is a side benefit. i married a beautiful citizen and had anchor babies…

build the fence. protect the borders. no amnesty. call/write the whitehouse and your congressmen and tell them to stand up on this issue…

driving home this morning.. i heard an ad on the radio for a psychic hotline thing…

fake conversation ….

caller ‘i am skeptical.. and i am calling just cause my sister told me about you’
psychic ‘i get that a lot … now.. why are you calling?’
… at this point… shouldn’t you just hang up.. or say… ‘ you tell me…’
caller ‘i am thinking about  leaving my boyfriend and seed to know what to do’
psychic ‘well.. put this issue in your mind while i put out some tarot cards.. and you tell me when the picture is clear in your head’
caller ‘now’
psychic ‘the cards are showing travel.. so you should take some time away from this person to decide about leaving him’

ummmm… so, did this person call psychic hotline or a sounding board….

what ever happened to healthy skepticism about anything and everything?  be it religion, science, bad science, news, politics, whatever…

do some research. read both sides of the issue.. don’t take things for granted….

don’t just accept the bible.. find out about why it is a text that can be believed.

don’t just accept that humans are causing global warming, climate change, etc… they can’t even get the weather predictions right for the same day… how are we supposed to accept their projections for 20 years from now…

don’t just accept the party line of whatever political affiliation you have… dissent when needed… support when needed…

the news…. um.. yeah.. the news… actually listen to the words that are being said.. listen to how they say it. the words they select to use…

i am so tired of christians that have never read the bible cover to cover… or darwinian evolutionists that have ever even picked up origin of the species.  how do you defend and proclaim your position if you don’t have even the base knowledge of what you are debating.

i hate lazy christians that just say.. i just have to believe that jesus died for my sins.. ok.. what now.. that is a singular moment… what about the relationship and growing in the faith that need to happen beyond that… ever crack open a concordence?  ever lift your finger and flip through other translations?  ever look at manuscript evidences?

i hate rationalists/agnostics that have their mind set that if it is not provable by science.. it should not be in public discourse at all… and since God is not provable.. you can’t have that discussion at all.  but by their own logic… they can’t disprove either.  they are putting their supposed logic inferred belief system over a a religious and maybe.. just maybe there is a supernatural explaination…

i am tired of this year already.

korean tradition means that you spend time with family on new years… you have a specific type of soup called ‘thuuk gook’ — mmm .. and you show respect for your elders by doing a traditional bow… whilst saying.. ‘be very blessed this new year’ — ‘sae hae bok mani ba du sae oh’

the fun part of this.. for the younger people… the elders bless the youngsters by giving them cold hard cash…. the best new years i had was like $350… cause as a pk.. we drive around to church members houses and did the bow for cash game… and some people we know owned one of the 2 korean markets in denver at the time… much cash

now a days… we are giving cash out to my nephew. who raked in like $100 today… not bad for a 2 yr old

usually… on new years eve.. you get together and play a korean game called ‘yun kno ree’ .. a game with 5 movable pieces and 5 wooden sticks that are tossed in the are to give you the number of spaces you move…. another is korean hacky sack… that looks like the birdie from badminton but more frilly.. so you can make it out of washers and plastic bags that you wrap and but into strips… then you have a church service… we passed this year… some cold/strep going around…

so.. we hit my inlaws house… saw them and my wifes grandmother.. then hit my parents house.. where my brother, sister in law and nephew were.. and we all wrnt over to my aunts house… my cousin and his family will be heading back to the  homeland soooo we had to go see them.

after that… we took everyone to a movie… 10 asians walking in a pack… asian invasion time yet again…  into cherry creek mall.. 6 going into eragon and 4 going into charlottes web…

then we all invaded a restuarant before heading home… i r the tired.


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