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i never see any animal rights activists calling for the elimination of whales to save the krills.  i have never seen a bumper sticker or tv shows or congressional hearings…
an estimated 4 million krill are consumed daily by a blue whale… yes.. daily.

where are the calls for trimming the baleen so that a certain percentage of the krill will be able to escape the deadly jaws of whales…

so… peta and other cute animal lovers are very selective and bigoted against the lowly krill…

don’t you love the paperless society that all of the computing power in the world has brought us….

actually.. it is said that we are using more paper now than ever… and i know that personally.. i try to conserve by duplexing all of the print that i do .. 2 – 4 pages on a side.. and on both sides if i can…   it is cause i like small print.. and i actually like the feel of paper when i am reading something…

i can lean back .. and that is more comforting than leaning forward to read a computer screen…

annotating and marking and doodling are also part of the appeal i guess…

i guess we need to cut some more trees down… or go to something like making paper from corn .. since we are paying farmers not to grow stuff… why not something that can be made into a pulp and form of paper…

hmm… maybe cotton will make its way back .. if the treasury is ok with it

our newly elected democratic state congress has started imposing their will on the people

there is a bill in colorado that is seeking to require all 6th grade girls to be immunized for hpv before they will be allowed to register .. as 4 strains of hpv seem to lead to cervical cancer….

the issue here is that.. unlike something that can be passed like chicken pox or measles.. hpv is an std.

trying to prevent cervical cancer is great… but again.. this is a preventable disease… if it goes down the hpv route.

we need to play that little thing called the logic game..

most if not all hpv leads to cervical cancer, but not all cervical cancer is caused by hpv.

how about displasia and genetics…

if they want to start giving 11 year old girls shots to keep them from getting an std… hmm … by all means give them the choice to be a ho. wait.. skank.

with all the sex ed that has been going on.. and all the free condoms and all of that… you would think that stds would be on the decline.. but hmm… they are not.

maybe the information that they are passing out is faulty.. maybe… instead of saying abstinence information is going to cause more kids to have more unprotected sex.. they should see that their junk science has led to more people having stds, unplanned pregnancies, abortions… and wasting loads of money… when abstinence requires nothing… it is free.

don’t want to get an std? don’t have physical contact.
don’t wanna get pregnant? yeah… don’t have physical contact.

common sense … but they try to make it more complicated…

hope you are not seeing a whole bunch of squares.. the science behind the translation is sweet.. but still needs some work

this is a test. this is a test of the google language tools. i am testing the translation of what i am writing to how it translate back from english to korean i blogged about the ‘lost in translation’ thing and how certain words and phrases are not translated properly.. i also want to see if you all have asian language support in your browsers.. lets see how good the translation is… or how funny it comes out you should also try to convert it back…

이것은 시험이다. 이것은 google 언어 공구의 시험이다. 나는 영어를 한국어로에서 어떻게에 후에 번역하는지 나가 쓰고 있는 무슨을의 번역을 시험하고 있다 나는 “번역”에서 잃어 것에 관하여 특정 낱말 및 어구가 제대로 번역되지 않는 방법 blogged. 나는 또한 당신은 모두 당신의 브라우저에 있는 아시아 언어 지원이 있는지 보고 싶다. 좋은 번역이… 인 얼마나 재미있은 나오는지 보게 한다 당신은 또한 그것을 후에 개조하는 것을 시도해야 한다…

then translated back

This is test. This is test of google language tools. I go out and with from the Korean language translate English how after bitter, i am and I which examine translation “lose from translation ” and regarding the thing the method blogged where the specific word and phrase are not well translated. Me also you the report which the Asia language support which is to all you browser probably is it wants. Good translation… How many is it is fun come out, you it does to see also must attempt the fact that it reorganizes it after,…

then translated back

이것 은 시험이다. 이것은 google 언어 공구의 시험이다. 나는 나가고 한국어 언어에서로 쓴 후에, 나가 인 번역을 “시험하고 I가 번역”와 번역된 특정한 낱말 및 어구가 좋이 어디에 아닌지 방법이 blogged 것 주시하기에서 잃는 방법 영어를 번역하십시오. 또한 저 당신 모두에 당신 브라우저인 아시아 언어 지원이 아마 그것인 보고가 원하는. 좋은 번역… 인지 얼마나 많은이 재미 나온다, 또한 보기 위하여 그것을 후에 개편한다 는 사실을 시도해야 하는,… 하는 당신이다

and the final obfuscation

This is test. This is test of google language tools. I go out and after writing from in Korean language language, i go out and the translation “i examine and I with translation ” word and the phrase which are specific it is translated [coh] the method which probably is not where stares blogged things, from, translate method English which it loses. Also writing you the Asia language support which all is you browser wants probably the report which is it. Good translation… How many probably is many this fun it comes out, in order to see also must attempt a fact after it reorganizes it,… It is you it does

omg!!! this is so funny.

actually.. i used to run things through multiple languages to write emails to random people and make them figure out what was happening…

so… maybe you have heard the story about tycho brahe and how he died cause he challenged some other dude to a no pissing contest. hmm.. maybe that is where the saying comes from. who is tycho brahe you ask? all i will say is kepler orbits his work. look it up… or a sad commentary on the state of education..

even more sad is the story of this women.. ironically named jennifer strange… a mother of 3.. that entered a contest to drink the most water and not go to the bathroom for a chance to win a nintendo wii. she is dead. water intoxication… basically drowned to death.. and cause her organs to fail because of electrolyte imbalance.. hmm.. so many common sense things that are wrong here and she worked in a medical field at a radiology center…. read here

what a stupid way to die… you hear the stories about how even terri shiavo ended up how she did because she drank too much ice tea.. all the kids that die when they take x [ecstacy] cause they are sooo thirsty.

it is not like her kids can go out and say.. my mom drank herself to death… or.. she no pee-pee go dead.

darwin awards… here we come

i depresses me to think that our generation, our kids generation are growing up in the internet world…. where books are not read.  where knowledge of history, simple understanding of research and spending hours in a library soaking in the books is no longer… learning about the classics and not learning about things like charlottes web as only a movie —

books and enlightenment they have are harry potter, captain under pants, and sponge bob

i think how things in the world woud be if some of the great and decisive leaders and thinkers were stil around… like winston churchill, martin luther king, george patton, ronald reagan, mohandas gandhi, douglas macarthur, yitzhak rabin, dwight eisenhower, harry truman…

i wonder about how the war on terror would have been handled.  how the current state of foreign relations, how things would have looked after the initial victories in iraq…., how we would deal with whackos in iran and venezuela

what happened to writer and thinkers from both sides of the aisle, believers and non-believers, poets, philosophers, scientists… true scientists…  the innovators…. people you agreed with or those you reviled in even the past century or two…  like c.s. lewis, samuel longhorn clements (look it up), e.E cummINGS (hehee — look it up again.. to see why that is funny), robert frost. walt whitman (loved mommy a little too much), winston churchill, friedrich nietzsche, albert einstein, john keats, alexander pope, george bernard shaw, oscar wilde, t. s. eliot, thomas edison, enrico fermi, fyodor dostoevsky, nikola tesla,  linus pauling, leo tolstoy, edwin hubble, john dewey, albert schweitzer, mother teresa,  machael faraday, pearl buck, kurt godel, francis crick, james watson, jean piaget…

there are so many that don’t exactly fit into the 2 century mark.. like jonathan edwards, benjamin franklin, abraham lincoln, george washington, rene decartes, blaise pascal… but that is for another day…

there is so much history and thought that has been written down… that people don’t know about.. that are content in their ignorance.

read online if you have to… but the act of picking up a book… and not faking page flips in something like zinio reader is so good…  don’t let all the trees that had to die for those books to be printed go to waste.

this is not to say that there are not innovators that are still alive… but i just think that technology innovation has taken away from general knowledge.. or information and education that even my generation had.. and the degredation is scary.. cause we are just gonna have people sucked into just youtue and movies and visual effects that can wipe away things like the holocaust, darfur.. and creating a society where momentary fame is the greatest dream … and not seeing the struggles and sacrifices that these and other people had to endure to get to where they were… not just cause they were in some pr0n video spead across the internet or cause they are in the band of the week

driving home this morning.. i heard an ad on the radio for a psychic hotline thing…

fake conversation ….

caller ‘i am skeptical.. and i am calling just cause my sister told me about you’
psychic ‘i get that a lot … now.. why are you calling?’
… at this point… shouldn’t you just hang up.. or say… ‘ you tell me…’
caller ‘i am thinking about  leaving my boyfriend and seed to know what to do’
psychic ‘well.. put this issue in your mind while i put out some tarot cards.. and you tell me when the picture is clear in your head’
caller ‘now’
psychic ‘the cards are showing travel.. so you should take some time away from this person to decide about leaving him’

ummmm… so, did this person call psychic hotline or a sounding board….

what ever happened to healthy skepticism about anything and everything?  be it religion, science, bad science, news, politics, whatever…

do some research. read both sides of the issue.. don’t take things for granted….

don’t just accept the bible.. find out about why it is a text that can be believed.

don’t just accept that humans are causing global warming, climate change, etc… they can’t even get the weather predictions right for the same day… how are we supposed to accept their projections for 20 years from now…

don’t just accept the party line of whatever political affiliation you have… dissent when needed… support when needed…

the news…. um.. yeah.. the news… actually listen to the words that are being said.. listen to how they say it. the words they select to use…

i am so tired of christians that have never read the bible cover to cover… or darwinian evolutionists that have ever even picked up origin of the species.  how do you defend and proclaim your position if you don’t have even the base knowledge of what you are debating.

i hate lazy christians that just say.. i just have to believe that jesus died for my sins.. ok.. what now.. that is a singular moment… what about the relationship and growing in the faith that need to happen beyond that… ever crack open a concordence?  ever lift your finger and flip through other translations?  ever look at manuscript evidences?

i hate rationalists/agnostics that have their mind set that if it is not provable by science.. it should not be in public discourse at all… and since God is not provable.. you can’t have that discussion at all.  but by their own logic… they can’t disprove either.  they are putting their supposed logic inferred belief system over a a religious and maybe.. just maybe there is a supernatural explaination…

really? another 1-2 ft of snow? i love the snow.. but this is excessive … i am so glad for global warming.  al gore.. where are you now sucka?  you gonna bring some heat to melt the 6 ft of snow in front of my house?

i am still trying to recover from the last round of shoveling.   i am seriously gonna go to costco and get one of those monster snow throwers…

whatever happened to the kids that used to come around asking if they could shovel your driveway?

i think i need to go shovel a bit tonight so it is not so high in the morning.. there is about 8 inches in front of our door… stupid drifts

so.. before dinner tonight.. i had a couple of dvds to return to the mcdo redbox machines… and there was a gathering.  both machines were occupied by morons.

the left side finally figured out that they would re-rent the jackass the movie 2 that they had _just_ returned… after 2 minutes… and i was able to start returning my dvds…

on the right side.. there was a group of 3… having a really hard time…

in the conversation that i was able to overhear over the 8 minuted that i stood out there…

they punched in their atm code into the machine when it asked for their zip code…. not sure about you.. but any literate person would be able to figure out that it was asking for where they lived… not their pin code for withdrawing cash…. better yet.. there were 2 of them all of majority age it appeared…  well after.. get this.. 5 times of tying their pin number.. they got the zip code punched in… then the hardedst part of ths hit them… when it asks for an email address for receipt… again.. they argue about punching in the pin code again.  they started to call their mom to ask about what the code was… are you kidding me?!?!?!  they just  kept standing there for almost a minute.. and i yelled out.. ‘just hit no thanks… and your movie will come out’

about this time.. i had returned my final movie and i ran away… as they went back to rent yet another movie… cause they wanted 2 movies.. not just one.

i mean.. there are not that many buttons on these machines when you check out… and there are at most 20 words on the screen telling you what to do…  is it really that hard?

just remembered this interesting web design test on what different substances had on how spiders made their webs… read here

the biggest push here is that marijuana.. mary jane.. reefer… wacky to-baccy (smelled some at the broncos game…) as being safer or having less effect than caffeine.

the thing is… we humans are not spiders.  it is not an apples to apples test.  just like all the animal testing in the world is not going to tell us how well a new drug is going to work on humans…

the other part is.. there _is_ impairment and the web of the cannibus test is still not all that good.. it has maybe 50% completion..

hmm… i wonder what a spider does when it gets the munchies… does it call in for pizza or head for 7-11 at 2am?

[medication induced rambling blizzard cabin fever based on ‘science is of satan comment’ sarcasm warning]

i turned to that evil thing that satan gave us in science to get rid of snow in our driveway…

whilst pumping the devils christian music out the back of the up and coming rapper mobile.. we started shoveling.. just to get some lanes in

after shoveling for a while.. i backed the land yacht pimp mobile back and forth to compress the snow so we could just pick up and throw large chunks of snow instead of having to shovel it…

and then… cause we did not have enough salt… we got the salt pellets from our water softener…

why salt? it changes the melting point of snow.. meaning we.. could go inside and let the snow drifts melt away

while we were doing this… this truck got stuck in the roundabout.. and kept getting stuck worse. idiots. bald tires and the passenger just sat there doing nothing even after i told him to get out and just give a little push from the side for some angular momentum… i went over there with a guy i met a few months back and we started to help push the guy. after almost getting run over twice cause the guy would punch the gas without warning… i enlisted a few more guys from the neighborhood.. including my brother… and we had to use satans physics to try and get the truck out of being stuck in the curb. we had him rock the car back and forth for a bit. then we used this weird thing called inertia… we had 4 people pushing while the guy was flooring it… the guy was a bad driver… would overshoot the lanes we shoveled out for him and kept driving into drifts. we finally got him out after more than 30 minutes and 5 guys.. it sucked … cause it was just me and another guy at first

oh my relying on so much science in and around my house…. must mean i am a bad christian and a satan worshipper… maybe it is my prickliness and being a hypocrite and not going to church all the time and not tithing and watching too much tv and hating things and not loving everything and everyone and dang it… list is getting too long… you get the idea. i think using science is a big one though… i better stop being an engineer and using all the benefits of selling and learning about pharmaceuticals and chemistry for over 6 years… cause it is of the devil.

in light of some more whining i am hearing from people about how long we have been in iraq… are you ready to do what it takes to win? really.. what are you willing to do?

will you drop the bomb? 2 for that matter? cause that is how world war 2 ended…

how about relaxing what our troop can do… before they can shoot back.. they have to go through some ridiculous rules or wait to be shot at directly…. it should be like gladiator.. on my word… unleash hell.

the us troops are fighting this war using the rules of war and trying their hardest not to offend anybody there… avoid certain buildings, not able to track terrorists in plain clothes… remember the viet cong and how they would wear plain civilian clothes and then attack?

if you want out so bad… are you ready to drop bombs? not even just the a-bomb but the more devistating h-bomb.. ready to blow up a mosque if you know that only terrorists are in there. shoot plain clothed civilian looking terrorists … oh yeah.. quit calling them insurgents. t. e. r. r. o. r. i. s. t. got it?

if they are not fighting by the rules.. by hiding behind civilians and using ieds … then nuke them… that way we can bring our guys home.. and that is that.

you think iran or syria will continue to be punk asses if we unleashed hell on them. you think they would act the way they are if we did…

we don’t need more troops.. we just need to let the troops there fight… it is like immigration law.. we don’t need more.. just enforce what is already in the books.

i think the rules of engagement have been met… fire away.


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