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geez.. first the rockies in the world series, then the nuggets in round 1, and now the avalanches’ embarrassing 8 to 2 loss to the redwings … hey at least they got to round 2 i guess

bring out the brooms.  wait .. no victory riots to clean up after

wow… this guy takes tennis a bit too seriously…  wonder if we need to call that guy that stabbed monica seles the next time he loses

it is wednesday.. and i am still laughing at an snl skit… snl was actually good for a change this past week with peyton manning…

here is the skit that cracked me up… the other side of united way athletes..

content ?

it has been a month since allen iverson came to denver to play for the nuggets… and in a weird way…i think that a.i. is actually happy and content being here in denver.

being here in po’dunk denver.. we did not get to see philly too much.. other than on sportscenter or halftime shows… and he always seemed… uh.. like me… cranky

he has brought a new excitement to the game… and actually having guys passing.. and trying to emulate him with no looks and stuff.. kind of funny… but good for the fans.

i think he is getting to the point in life where jordan was when he started to win championships … has a younger guy that he can pass to in carmelo anthony who can draw a double team… and can finish

it has been fun watching them interact and start to build chemistry in the games… just wish that they would break the losing streak…

maybe it will help if the refs start calling some fouls… i have never seen anyone take so many hits and fouled more without getting calls than allen iverson… i guess the reputation still hurts him there..

we have the corp suite again… for monday and i am taking my boss .. cause bonus time is coming up and i am trying to butter him up… eeewwwww… uh.. make him give me mo percentages….

i am just happy that basketball is on par with hockey at pepsi center now… it is just nice that we don’t have to pony up for something like a 10 game pack…

there are rumors that peter forsberg may be coming back to the avalanche….

this would mean trading jose theodore to philadelphia flyers.. basically a $5 million dollar contract for a $5 million contract.. but the avs would probably need to give up a lot more to get foppa back

wait a second… the nordiques got foppa by trading eric lindros to the flyers.. and now we are talking about trading for him again…

maybe we get him back for a couple more years before he goes back to sweden and plays for moda…

alrighty… yea nuggets…

carmelo anthony + allen iverson + earl boykins steve blake + marcus camby +fat nene skinnier nene had their first game together… and won!

have been waiting since december for this… first time in a long time that i have been amped about watching the nuggets…

as a denver homer fan.. i love all the teams.. ever since my family moved here in 1984…. and have enjoyed having all the major sports… even the rockies.

but the nuggets are finally making the moves that they needed to make.. and the combo of players is right now… even with kenyon martin out of the mix…

go get the 14 game pack.. or go to a family night where it is like $55 for 4 people… it is fun… and watch the usher in section 112 breakdance during commercial breaks.  and the pepsi center is a great place for sports… not a bad seat.. hockey, basketball, arena football, lacrosse… all are great fun .. especially when your team wins

i hope my wife gets more time in the suites …

well in 14 days.. it is gonna be a different kind of black sunday…

it will still be the superbowl…. but it is not a terrorist plot to blow things up… it is about 2 black coaches blowing up and making it to the superbowl on the same day…

it will be historic… 2 teams both coached by black coaches….  congrats to both.. well deserved.. long awaited.

hours after lovie smith .. coach of the chicago bears beat down the saints to become the first black coach to make it to the superbowl… it looked like he would be there alone…

tony dungy overcame the initial meltdown by his indianapolis colts quarterback peyton manning.. to become the second black coach to make it to the super bowl.  i am glad that peyton has this monkey off his back too… lets see if he chokes in the big dance

about time.. it is a shame that it took this long for this to happen.

hey… this is the lack helicopter section… but you think that maybe they planned this.. to make sure that 2 black coaches made it to the superbowl.. which will be in black history month?  kinda like when denzel washington and halle berry won at the same time? who knows.

over 70% of the players in the nfl are african american.  but there are only like 15-20% of the coaching slots are filled by african americans.

it is time to get more coaches in .. especially with art shell getting canned that is one less african american coach in the nfl… stupid cracker al davis..

it looks like david beckham is coming to america. cause his friend tom cruise said so. beckham has some grand idea that by coming to america.. he is going to make soccer the true football…. uh yeah.

good luck we have freddie adu already… and soccer is not popular beyond the soccer moms and the 4th grade…. they had that guy from melrose place playing pro soccer for a while (you know… elizabeth shues brother).. and soccer still is not popular… wait.. wasn’t freddie in 4th grade when they signed him?

unlike the rest of the world that has nothing _but_ soccer… we have 5 pro teams + in denver alone. and so many other club level, college level, masters level, rec center pickup level sports that people are into.. i bet you… soccer is not in the top 5 if you asked anyone over the age of say 10

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and also… if you were going to bring soccer to america… why pair up with tom cruise… should have hooked up with bradgelina … adopted a baby.. and teach it soccer.. then… send them to acting school and make a ‘bend it like daddy’ movie or something…

i think the mls is gonna have to sell all of the current teams to have enough money to sign beckham… wonder what the talking fee is gonna be…

not to take anything away from him.. but his world cup showing was weak. he should have done this years ago..

the other thing is… ronaldo is coming too… he may have more draw than beckham… i would rather watch ronaldinio with his stupid mad jukin skills than beckham…

maybe it is a vast left wing scientologist conspiracy…. make people hate america by enbracing soccer…

we were at the nuggets game last night… booooooo … what a dull game .. the only highlight was that we had the entire suite that my wifes company owns… and iverson had one really awesome drive to the hoop…

well… 3rd qtr…. rocky the super mascot has a camera on the fans to dance…. gets up to the 3rd level and spots this white/nerdy guy. and right away.. he gets his funky groove on… and then out of nowhere.. lifts his shirt. a little.. and it is a hairy belly.. and the crowd is boooing and eeewwwwing… so rocky locks back in on him. guy starts dancing again.. and then lifts his shirt again…

what the heck.. is there some weird girls gone wild syndrome … where if you are on camera.. you are obligated to lift your shirt and show your man boobs?

well… it gets worse. the hairy man completely takes his shirt off… think chris farley doing the chippendale dance with patrick swayze… but much less funny.

the ewwing and icks start to build.. and for whatever reason.. the guy gets emboldened … and starts loosening his belt. .. this draws even more jeers but he keeps going.

it gets worse… he starts to unbutton and unzip his pants…. and starts acting like he is teasing us that he was gonna pull this draws down too…

he throws his shirt over the ledge.. and some catches it.. maybe thinking that they caught a free shirt.. and then realizing that it was from that freaky stripper dude on the 3rd level… and they quickly start throwing down to the court… as the shirt makes it to the court.. the cops finally get to the guy holding his arms to prevent him from dropping trou

although the most gross moment in the game… it was funny … just wonder where dignity and a sense of shame are.. do they go out the door with the $6 beers or is it that they are being seen… even on close caption.. wonder what this guy would hve done i he knew he was on national tv…

oh my goodness…. what a total implosion. oh .. io .. state got destroyed in the bcs game tonight…. ohio was just plain awfu

florida held a team that usually has over 400 yards of offense to under 100 yards. wait… 90 yards… wait.. a whopping 82 yards of offense.

now we have to listen to florida fans saying .. gator-r-done … like the other git is not southern, redneck, cracker-y enough…

got to go to the broncos v bengals game today… not sure if it was a treat or punishment… nice and cold… and snow to boot. it was a great game.. tons of action early.. and magic ending

i took my son as this was going to be his first broncos game at investco field @ mile high. we were seated in the top bowl one seat from the mane of the bronco logo that is made with the stadium seats… my brother was also there at the game in a different section with his wife, his sister and brother in law…

because of the cold.. a lot of people failed to show up… and there were several seats over by my brother top bowl but right over the 50 yard line…

all i have to say is… i am gonna tear open a rabbit and flip it inside out for socks the next winter game i go to that is not in club level.. brought blankets.. layered 5 deep with elway jersey… thick gloves… but it was actually colder than expected.. and the moderate snowfall was not helping either… nachos got all cold…

actually.. speaking about nachos… we started to chant the ocho stinko .. and nacho cinco … to taunt chad johnson… and also taunting and ripping the cinnci fans that were there…

for the stadium starting to clear starting at half time.. it was still loud where we were at.. and erupted when cinnci muffed the point after attempt with 41 seconds left… and then were offsides for their onside kick attempt

here are some of my pix from today

coinflip.jpg goalline.jpg 50yardline.jpg tongue.jpg lights.jpg postgame.jpg


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