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what the hell happened with this family? i think kate was a fame monger and jon was just blasé about the whole thing… just liked the check every month.  i get glimpses when my wife or kids watch the show and generally i am just in the room working when the show is on or they watch off dvr.  i always just felt that jon was a pansy for letting his wife brow beat him all the time… and allowing her to just make him look stupid all the time

so i guess the rumor is that jon had an affair with a 23 teacher lady… and kate was doing her bodyguard.  at the minimum, it seems that both have had inappropriate  emotional attachments and spending way too much time with these ‘others’ .. to give the perception that there were issues

and what the hell was that show where they are sitting separately and doing their post show things apart … just feeding the full to the fire.

as christians… should they even be fueling the gossip?  should i be even blogging about this?

they both claim and are being made fun of on shows like the soup… that it is all about the kids and it should be.  they have put the well being of their kids by seeking the fame and celebrity.  what kind of speaking tours is kate going to give when the topic that she is supposed to be speaking it, being a christian mother to multiples and keeping a strong marriage, is being blasted away?

i hope they saved some of that money they get for allowing every aspect of their lives to be filmed and whoring out their kids … again for fame.  i mention it, cause i saw a shot where jon is driving around in a audi r8 sports car (yeah, real practical for the 8 kids) .. and i guess they just moved into a huge new house or something

i guess the controversy is good for ratings… i am just SOOOOO happy that the leaning channel (TLC) is contributing and becoming a tabloid feed .. not with just this show, but all of the midgets, 16 kids family or whatever the new flavor is.  i am just surprised that they did not give octomom a show.. since that is what she was probably looking for

once wish … gosselins … get off the f’ing tv.  live off the royalties and stuff .. and get out of the limelight.   repair your marriage.  take care of your kids. ’nuff said

not environmental… not the green that the green m&m is supposed to symbolize… actually maybe a bit… but the been on a roller coaster too long and gonna puke green…

nbc had their green week.. you may have noticed that green peacock symbol and actors/singers/etc.. talking about global warming… and ALL of their shows tying in some kind of environmental, recycling, global warming line or plot… and it was awful…

it was like the writers were already on strike and they brought in all of the young interns that are all amped on global warming a chance at the typewriter…

i am just glad it is over…

matt roloff of ‘little people, big world’ (show on tlc about a dwarf family) fame was arrested on a dui

before we move to making a bunch of short jokes… we need to see how even tlc patronizes and hates on the short people


note the button right under ‘meet matt roloff’ .. 😉 .. note that i used ‘full size’ option when uploading the picture too .. hehe

well.. some mean and un-pc comments might be…

– how drunk was he.. and then you say.. this drunk.. and you only mark up to your knees
– did he drink all half-pints
– how did he reach the pedals
-during the sobriety test… he walks all funny anyway.. how did they fugure he wasweaving
– instead of a 12 step program.. do dwarfs have 6 step programs

but we are good and wholesome.. so we won’t ask those questions

yipee… that large boned girl that started the hunger strike because of sanjaya on american idol can start eating again… even though her doctor had told her to start eating again last week…

although i watch american idol as i work on my computer and ‘spend quality time’ with my kids and wife… the shrill voice of the sanjaya and the abortion of a singing performance that he belts out each week was making me throw up in my mouth a lot…

the biggest game show in japan is ‘sasuke’ — ninja warrior.  by comparison.. the biggest show in america .. american idol and the likes of sanjaya.

the difference is that the asians have a show about doing physical activities and boot camp type obstacle courses… while american sit on their ever growing badonkadonks and  exercise their thumbs by texting their votes….

you may have seen shows like ‘most extreme challenge’ or other whacky shows where hordes of people flop into muddy water as they crash and burn.. a lot of times in painful displays of their ineptitude…

if you get a chance… tune into g4tv and catch an episode of ninja warrior and tell me why you generally do not see fat asians… other than those that practice sumo or something

i know i am promoting being a couch potato some more… by watching the show.. but maybe it will inspire you to get off your tookus and get a bit more fit…

it is wednesday.. and i am still laughing at an snl skit… snl was actually good for a change this past week with peyton manning…

here is the skit that cracked me up… the other side of united way athletes..

looks like the menu foods pet food scare comes down to rat poison…

i asked the question about all the old poor people that had to eat dog food because they were not able to pay for their medication… but it looks like because it was rat poison.. they may have actually benefited…

rat poisons are generally those that thin the blood and make the rats bleed out from the inside out… think coumadin (warfarin — which was the an acronym for wisconsin agricultural and farming institute .. that created the ‘poison’)

so… inadvertently… the pet food people were helping the old people… not having to pay for their coumadin… and being able to eat their delicious meat gravy and wheat gluten filled dog and cat food..

note that all of this was over 15 dogs and cats dying….  seriously… how about all of the people that have died during the past week.. and how we all could have prevented that…  where is the news coverage for that.

the hunger strike is on.. until this goofy hula dancer pansy boy gets voted off american idol.. many a folk are joining the hunger trike until this dork gets voted off

i had been working while the kids were watching the american idol show.. and during some kind of bio thing.. he was doing some hula dance thing…

and during the last show.. they panned on some litte girl that was crying… yes weeping that she was in the presence of the sanjaya… sad thing is.. the rest of us were crying cause our ears were bleeding

not sure if you ever watch the ‘to catch a predator’ show.. where they chat with pervs on the internets acting like young kids and inviting old sickos over to the house for some lovin… the hidden camera shots of these creeps coming to the house and ensuing arrests are fun to watch.. but the nature of why they are there is hard to get over…

but chris hansen… the host that confronts the jag weeds that prey on little girls and boys that chat.. get pictures of stuff that they should not be seeing.. hear stuff that they should not be hearing… always has to say..  ‘my name is chris hansen’  … it is like some weird disclaimer that he has to say his name…

it is like he likes hearing his name… can’t he just say.. ‘hey .. what is wrong with you .. you freak?’ .. ‘if i were this kids dad.. i would beat the crap out of you’ .. ‘i know what you do online’ … there just is not need for them to show him introducing himself to every predator.

in my mind now… it does not matter is chris hansen does anything else… it will always be links to internet perverts.. great job chris hansen.. not sure if that is the name recognition you wanted.

fox show ’24’ must really hate black folk… well.. enough to fake liking them… electing 2 of them as president.. but just to kill them off.

it was really progressive of them to have a black president… but they killed him off…

jack has to kill curtis in favor of a terroist…

and then the brother of the killed black president is now the president… and they tried to kill him off too…

jump the shark they have…

(pun alert)*

saw a promo for the next season of ‘dancing with the stars’ and they had heather mills on there…

what part of being _married_ to paul mccartney and trying to grab half* makes her a star

what makes a star is the question then….

pro athletes? check
actors? check
singers? checks
gold digger with one leg? not so much.. unless anna nicole smith was the trend setter for arm candy that wants 1/2 billion dollars… famous maybe.. infamous definately.. nasty divorce… but star?  not so much

i have nothing against one legged or those with prosthetics as a friend is a tremendous adopter of 3 korean babies and able to keep up better than this gimp along ever will…

i just can’t wait for her to try doing something like the splits…. wait.. is that cheating? she only has to do 50%. or the tango or something… instead of a rose.. does her partner clench a leg? the sock hop? hip-hop? stomp? deranged hokie-pokie.. you put your left leg in… *

will she make it to the final leg of the show?***

so… hmm.. ted haggard has come out (uh…) to say that he is completely straight now.. after the few weeks of intensive therapy for getting straight.

message to ted.. don’t

i am not sure if it is choice, birth, environment, combination… but ted loves dudes.. and he should just own up to it.. at least then.. he does nto hurt his family any further

the last boston legal show covered this with ssad (same sex attraction disorder) — sysad .. and a gay judge that spent $40k to get straight but still had relations with men

so what happens the next time ted goes out looking for a male hooker and meth?  everyone gonna jump on the pray for ted bandwagon again?   everyone gonna say… nah.. it was a lapse in judgement.. and he is not gay?

there is also news that he received a settlement package from new life and has to leave colorado .. again.  weird.  why?  if he is cured… then why make him leave the state?  it is not like the story is not going to come back to colorado springs.

it is ssad… um.  sad.

on the last law & order… they had a story called ‘talking points

they had a story about a college student that shoots another… while at a political rally for a far far right winger that they categorized as making ann coulter look like mary poppins…

the good stuff was in the trial …

they had the actor playing a parkinsons afflicted 30 something… shaking and trembling around like michael j fox in the court room… bring up the question of someone going off meds for sympathy points…

the show does try to walk the political tightrope… for every 2 left leaning viewpoint.. they do counter with at least 1 conservative view… and the writing.. although.. they are pretty fair and take jabs on both sides.. generally write the conservative character in a condescending way… oh well

during the trial.. the argument was about embryonic stem cells.. and if they were worth killing over because someone was speaking against it…

during cross.. the defense asks a scientist about the prospect of a cure for parkinsons coming from embryonic stem cell research and it if would have benefited his client.. and the scientist posits that there is no conclusive evidence that there will be a cure anytime soon… and that the defendant would probably die before a cure was found..

so… the research that has been going on for this long.. has yielded false hope… with talk about in the next 3-5 years… they want to create stem cells that produce dopamine to address parkinsons… etc..

and if we read the news.. we see that adult stem cells.. even amniotic fluid sources are available for the stem cells that they seek so much.. without harming an embryo.. without the cloning slippery slope

this was probably one of the most intellectually honest portrayals on the stem cell research debate..

yikes.. lots of tv postings recently…

i notice things… weird things. i see things through my slanty adhd eyes and sometimes… it is just me.

we were watching extreme home makeover … and the family that the total product placement infomercial wrapped into an evening show glossed over a couple of things…

the family that they helped.. they seemed deserving of the blessing that was bestowed on them by the abc show… as they walked through the house .. the family spoke of faith.. and even had a prayer couch.. where they sat and prayed for families other than themselves… that were in greater need. this family was the first to say.. hey.. instead of scrapping everything.. please save appliances and furniture and give it to people that need it… fantastic.. a family that understood the charity… understood giving… understood being in community.

they were sent to disney world.. um.. owned by abc. and then the fun started…

along with a brand new house.. the crew went over to the ‘community center’ that the family volunteered at.. except.. the ‘community center’ was a church.. and in that church was a school…

they got done with the remodel.. and as they panned in…. under a rainbow were the words ‘hope is jesus‘ .. you could barely make it out.. as they were in wide angle.. and only for a blip

then.. this is when i got torqued..

a pizza joint which wll remain unnamed… except to say that they do have a big presence in denver.. and name has john in it… you figure it out… well maybe because this pizza joint asked.. or because abc hates jesus.. as they scanned over the kids snarfing down pizza.. there was an extended shot on that rainbow.. but .. what the heck. all the words are gone… it looked like the worst blotting out or putting construction paper up on the wall to cover everything up… not even the hope is.. was showing

then i knew it was a concerted effort when the family came home.. and as they panned again to the volunteers and people in the auditorium.. they had to take a bunch of goofy angles.. and they passed over the rainbow again… but had the camera just low enough to make sure that the word jesus did not show.. it was just hope is

i am the guy in the movies that will see the costume errors and discontinuity or litte things out of place… and discuss after the movie.

i am just sick of the blatant disregard for the rights of believers … yeah yeah…. it is their prerogative to show whatever they want… build a house that is so over the top that the rest of the neighborhood is a blight. the house is the center of crime when someone busts in and steals all of the plasmas and flatscreens in the house…

what about estimated property taxes and costs to maintain and do things like run electricity to that elevator they put in.. and the maintenance on that. they are taking people in need… and probably putting them into a spiral of debt down the road…

by providing what seems to be everything the family needs… they are taking hope away… without a need or problem.. there is no need for hope.

hope is not abc
hope is not ty with his shirt off
hope is not showing how much man can do
hope is jesus …

as i was working last night… my wife watched a couple of recorded episodes of greys anatomy…

the words just popped out.. and i was shocked.

one of the neonatologist ladies was talking about aborting her lovers child.. and actually used..

‘i aborted mark’s baby

they said it multiple times during the show… ‘i aborted your baby’ ‘i aborted marks baby’ ‘she aborted my child’

they did not use the word fetus. they did not talk about a blastoma, they did not talk about a blob of cells… they used the word baby… and from the mouth of multiple tv doctors… hey.. they may not be doctors.. but they play one on tv… and a baby doctor too..

isn’t it ironic that a neonatologist.. who would and does know all about babies.. talked about and had an abortion… full well knowing that it was a baby.. a child. not just a thing.

isn’t it ironic that a show that has people having sex all the time.. showed the hurt that an abortion can have on a relationship.. even if they were sleeping around…

but the message at the end was… this guy was not going to be a good father.. so the abortion was ok to some degree.. justified.. cause the guy would have made a bad father… how does he know?

in a confused and muddled show.. they showed this truth to be self evident… that abortion hurts relationships.. people think about the day the baby would have been born. that people that have abortions use the words… ‘i aborted my baby’


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