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ok.. so i went back to that social bookmarking thing and added a few more… this is the list now .. a compilation of all of the ones that i have seen more than a couple of times… and somtimes in other combinations .. but this is my list so… deal with it… no need to over complicate something i am gonna have to do once


echo ”
\<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\?url\=$permalink&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/delicious.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/storeIt.jsp\?t\=$the_title\&u\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/furl.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/index.php\?Action\=Blink\/addblink.php\&Description\=$the_title\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/blinklist.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/reddit.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/cosmos\/search.html\?url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/technorati1.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/submit\?phase\=2\&URL\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/digg.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/mysearch\/QuickWebSave\?v\=1.2\&t\=webpages\&title\=$the_title&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/ask.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/myaccount\/add_mybutterly.php\?referer\=nonpopup\&title\=$the_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/butterfly.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/bookmarks\/mark\?op\=add\&bkmk\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/googleize.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/post.php\?title\=$the_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/blogmemes.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/webtool\/crap.php\?title\=$the_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/bmaccess.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/addItem.php\?url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/ning.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/post.html\?new_url\=$permalink\&title\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/urlex.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/\_\/tag\?url\=$permalink\&doctitle\=$the_title\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/wink.png\”\>\<\/a\> \<a href\=\”http\:\/\/\/add_bookmark.php\?bookmark\_title\=$the\_title\&url\=$permalink\”\>\<img src\=\”\/files\/2007\/01\/buddy.png\”\>\<\/a\>

” | perl -pe ‘s/\\//g’

once i run it… it looks like

tag ‘extra tag bookmarks’

<a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/delicious.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/furl.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&URL=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/blinklist.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/reddit.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/technorati1.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/digg.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/ask.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/butterfly.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/googleize.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/blogmemes.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks&url=”><img src=”/files/2007/01/bmaccess.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/ning.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/urlex.png”></a> <a href=” tag bookmarks”><img src=”/files/2007/01/wink.png”></a> <a href=””><img src=”/files/2007/01/buddy.png”></a>

then once everything is all set… i just paste the output into the code section

so.. that is that…

there are a lot of people that have nothing better to do.. can’t remember sites that they have been to… have no ideas on their own and need a place to post their opinions… lots of lonely people that are hurting for and craving attention

where is the church network. where is the church bookmarking. where is the church tagging… or are they just tagging and releasing?

the boom in myspace, tribes, digg, and even youtube show the hunger for attention that people have… to reach a global audience.. but by doing stupid stuff.. or mimicking mentos and diet coke tricks…


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