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actually the induction battery charger for my spinal neural stimulator by advanced bionics … has been recalled … awesome.

i hope that i do not catch on fire like the chargers for the iPhones…

it does get really warm when i am charging but never to a point where i feared burning up… maybe i should go get tazered so i can get a complete new set

i have a pretty twisted sense of humor and see fun in a lot of odd things.. but this just made me want to punch the person in the face….

haha … retards love palin …. uh… wait …. her baby tig has down syndrome….ha .. wtf!

yeah… lets keep the discourse civil and not attack each other… and this is the kind of crap the left does… really makes me want to support their cause

so i was honored to get a voicemail from on my work number asking me for my email address because they one they has on record was wrong… and something about them crazy ‘radical republicans’ and how they need my help.  and because we use cisco phones and have unity voicemail ability.. that voicemail comes to my blackberry as an email… double whammy of email and phone spam

really?  is and george soros willing to dump money and calls to people that cant even vote? or are they expecting me to vote anyway… even if i am not a citizen?  i appreaciate that there is such a huge get out the vote movement but really?

hmmm … nothing makes me want to support something when they spam you in email and now voicemail… awesome

i need to convert that wav file to something that the wordpress ‘upload audio’ option does not puke on… cause it is pretty funny

i wish i had the job of being a technical consultant to the writers for tv shows…

i went through a whole segment of the last show ‘shut down’ where the asian hacker that did not understand how a datacenter worked was set to download and recover email that was delivered to someone by grabbing shadow files on the router…. the router !!!

my head almost blew up.

i mean.. if you are going to throw out a bunch of technical jargon, at least get the functionality of the network devices, email servers, software and hardware correct.

hey dnc … thanks for … uh … traffic jams and inconveniencing workers in the downtown area … and all those protests… mmmm … i love hearing f bombs dropped around little kids

you know what… dont let the door hit ya on the ass on your way out of town.

so denver… how much of a boost in revenue did you see because of them being here?  oh wait, you had to pay for extra security, extra electricity to power up the stadium instead of the pepsi center… print out 70,000+ signs instead of 20,000 if it would have just been at the pepsi center… had to shut down an interstate highway cause it was at invesco field….

if the rnc ever comes to denver… i would tell them the same thing.

how about webcasts so you are not spending and using up fuel to drive or fly to denver from wherever you came from and being green.  did all of you buy your carbon offset credits from al gore yet? how about just watching it on tv or the internets.  all of us are gonna lie about being there in person like we all do about concerts like U2 at redrocks

ooo… i bet the people of st paul are feeling the same way about the rnc as i did about the dnc being here…

i did not watch the saddleback fun fiesta with rick warren, john mccain, and barack obama until today…. i wanted to see how others responded and then see if what they were saying matched what i saw.

i have written before about how i wonder about rick warren injecting himself into a lot of issues and areas that may not seem appropriate… and how i am not a big fan of mega churches… but i think this was a good ‘debate’

i just have one thing to say… barack got spanked.  he looked like he does when he is not in fron tof a podium.. a lot of ummms, pauses, and just not the articulate barack that we have all come to love

i dont like mccain … but he gave answers that showed a level of understanding of the issues that just blew barack out of the water… so much so that the left is claiming that john mccain somehow cheated.

one of the biggest things for me was the question about when life began … he said something about theological view or political view and ‘it’s above my pay grade.’ ???


it is a simple question.. about when HE… BARACK thought about when life begins … is it conception? is it when the heart starts beating at 8 weeks? is it when the baby is viable? is it when the baby takes its first breath? even i can answer that… and i am a knuckle dragging not allowed to vote immigrant

above my pay grade?

he is running for president of the united states.  probably going to appoint a few supreme court justices as the others age out and die… and one of the major issues that they will tackle will be Roe v Wade…

that is the pay grade he is running for.

i am not running for president and can tell you that by definition, life begins at conception… when the cells start to split with the babies own dna… unique from mother or father…. we all agree that even yeast is alive… and all it does is split and fart..

watch the forum here

sorry for using that word… but john edwards makes me mad

first off.. i hate his politics and 2 americas BS when he is living in a 28,000 sq foot house and spending $400 for a hair cut

second.. he just admitted to having an affair that he has been denying for the past few months… where there is a baby in the mix as well…. where the paternity is in question

third…there is talk about hush money in the hundreds of thousands for youtube videos that went to the woman that he had the affair with

forth… this is during the time where his wife is recovering from cancer… yeah CANCER you douche … and stood by his side on campaign trail even in her weakened state…

lastly… did i mention he had a flippin affair on his cancer suffering wife whilst building a 28,000 sq foot house while talking about how the rich screw the little guys…

the consequences will be for elizabeth to dole out (sorry had to do it … you know elizabeth dole .. another presidental candidate wife and vp selection)

as for me… he is a douche

and he may not be _that_ bad a parent in comparison

this is good for the baby? riiight…

so at our last staff meeting, they had  ‘chinese’ food delivered in those huge turkey cookin aluminum foil trays that are 2 feet by 1 foot and about 6 inches high….

well.. i grabbed some salad and started to hear some grumblings about the rice… and being the only asian… i was called on to verify

how do you mess up instant rice?  not sure how or what they did but the rice was either cooked and dried out again or raw … as we were scooping onto our plastic plates, you could hear each of the grains making a ping off the plate

all i have to say is … that was probably the worst meal i have ever had in a while …  i know it was free and all, but it was worse than those dollar scoop places …

ugg … stomach hurts still.. maybe that is another reason for my migraine flare up

stupid plicks .. learn how to cook rice!!!

what a waste of about 15-20 pounds of rice.. especially during the rice shortage hysteria

so… my young one is constipated… and had a rough poopy … my eldest was changing out the diaper.. and i was warning him to watch out cause it looked like young one was pushin’ again.

well.. with a bit of gas and a popping sound… he shot out a fart AND perfectly formed pecan in shell sized nugget that hit my eldest in the hand and bounced back into the diaper…

we never laughed so hard in the past few days… and then the young one started laughing like he meant to do it…

at my nephews burthday party at funtastic not going to give them the extra free advertising) … this is what they gave us to cut a cake with… must have had loads of these go missing or something…. excellent use of some pvc

odd thing.. the bathrooms were flooded… hmmmm

there is a house by my parents church that probably has close to100 bird houses in the 2 trees in front of their house… just odd

i am starting a new feature… being asian.. i carry a camera all the time (well.. my blackberry 8300) but i run into weird things that make me want to beat the people

what is wrong with this pix


oj simpson is in custody in las vegas… and initially.. i was like.. he must have finally found the real killer (himself) after not ceasing to do so cause the idiot wrote a book saying as much… but wait… double jeapordy has attached so he will never see prison for the murder of his wife and ron goldman… so why is he in the clink?

after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and burglary and a multitude of other charges… he must have been like… blast you jonny cochran… why did you die!!!!

so apparently… or allegedly… he and his posse broke into some memorabilia sellers room and cleaned house…

oj… just cause you signed it does not mean it is yours. just cause the picture is of you.. and your signature is on there… it is not yours….

good luck this time around… no jonny there to come up with some random… if the acquittal suit don’t fit… you must acquit one liner

i was going to write and diagram mens room etiquette stuff but then the larry craig debacle happened.. and i was waiting for things to air out before posting about it… and the other is.. there are rules and then there are the ‘rules’ and you don’t talk about some of this… but here goes

the thing is.. you learn early on that there are rules and unsaid rules about going to the restroom as a man…

unlike women who go to the ladies room to talk about how cute the guy at the bar is… and chat it up… going to the mens room has 3 purposes… get the number 1 or number 2 going on… and let loose the gas … you know.. the f word.. and vomitting

growing up.. you learn quickly by observing the behaviour of other people and following suit… no questions… just do what everyone else is doing

so men… this is a refresher on the ‘rulesand for you ladies.. this should give you some perspective on why the larry craig thing is so creepy and way beyond the norn

no eye contact — never look at somebody.. give the obligatory nod and move on. you are not there to make friends

dont look down — look straight ahead or straight forward.. looking down gives off weird vibes about you checking the other guys package out

spacing — do not stand right next to another person if there is a way to leave at least 1 urinal in between… the more spaces the better. it is better to use a stall with a door if urinal spacing is an issue or there is a long wait or potential for shoulders touching (ick) .. also limits cross urinal splash back…

no talking — nuff said

no squeezing in between others — this means that if there are 5 urinals, and #1 and number #3 are being used.. then you do not go to #2 … way weird vibes. #4 is still marginal .. go to #5

pee downward — peeing straight into the urinal will cause splash back that looks like you pissed your pants
so.. you can start to see why the craig thing is so whack… more like george michael story than mishap…

for those with kids.. shield the eyes as much as possible and keep them from looking around too much… especially if you are at a broncos game .. and they have the trough style piss wall… make sure that you prepare your chil’ren first and make sure they are ready for something like a pg-13 movie…. nothing as pleasant as exposing your kids to 40 guys pissing together intos something like a kitchen sink

that is as much as i can write for now.. cause i am gonna go throw up now (purpose #3 …)


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