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i was driving home from a long days work and heard news that the union workers at boeing are going to go on strike and give up the offer that boeing extended…

the ‘best and final offer’ that they gave the union back on Aug 28th included bonuses averaging $6,400 and raises averaging 11 percent. they also got pension increases and a 3 percent cost-of-living adjustment

the average salary would have been $34,000 plus benefits…

um… can i sign up? wtf!!! that is more than a lot of people make working the 3 jobs they all work… and an 11 percent raise?  unheard of in recent years

are these the good paying jobs that the united states do not have and are being shipped overseas? well actually.. if these union idiots keep on acting the fool… they will not have ANY job at all…

so… if you work with me and ask a question… i am gonna refer you to the manual.  see if you have done your research before you ask..

this new guy did not and kept coming over and asking questions over and over… so he was given the answers

check it…

its on whitey

as a short timer at my current job.. i look back to other places i have worked and some of the things i have done as i was leaving…

some good some bad…

in my field.. there is a lot of temptation to leave time bombs on random servers or leave holes that you can crawl back through…

i think the worst thing i did was… leaving shrimp… raw shrimp.

here is how it happened… there was a person i really did not get along with and on my last day… i disassembled this guys chair… and in the seat post.. put 3 raw shrimp and put the chair back together again… now.. for the first few days.. you don’t smell anything… but after rot point.. the smell gets exponentially worse… the guy would smell it first..only when sitting there for a long time.. then it would start to ooze out a wider bubble of funk… i think they ended up just tossing the chair cause they never figured out the shrimp.

the best thing i did.. in my mind was give guys from my old company a way out.. they were looking and as i was leaving.. we all made a pact that we would watch out for each other… after an initial 2 people leaving before me… i left my old company… 2 guys from my old company came over to my new company… out of 6 that applied… and after my departure.. the flood gates opened and at current count… 6 people have left that were there longer than 4 years… and a handful of others.. in the past year… not good for old company… good for me

what are some of your short timer stories…

the new daylight savings time change is killing me…. dst 2007 sucks

i have 60+ servers that need to be patched on both the operating system level as well as multiple patches for application levels … all so that we can save some energy or some bogus reason

it would be simple if they were all the same kinds of machines… but i have solaris 8/9, windows 2003/xp, redhat 7/9, centos 3, centos 4, fedora 6, freebsd and also java jdk for all the developers… and some of the old old old machines don’t have support or patches… so having to roll my own.  i think there are patches for ipods and blackberry as well… anything with internal time keeping mechanism

the stupid thing is.. you have to reboot the machines for this change… but that makes me sad… i have machines that i have not had to reboot for over 1.5 years… almost 600 days of uptime… and i have to reboot for a stupid daylight savings thing…i actually have one server that has not been rebooted for over 3 years..

9:49pm up 1241 day(s), 5:29, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.01

congress needs to ask the sysadmins before they pass things like this… cause.. reboots can be very stressful… never know if the server will come back up properly..

this daylight savings time thing has cost me 5 days of planning and coordinating reboots during off peak hours… endless meetings about trying to write code that will capture the proper 2nd sunday of march and first sunday of november.. and having to argue that we need to set a code to march 6th or march 7th so that if march 1st was a sunday.. then the next sunday would be march 8th… or just setting absolute dates and then having to remember to change them next year..

time to reboot some more boxes… fingers crossed

today was a day of just chillin out with the family.. and not doing any real work… well… not really… ok. maybe a little

because my wife is in the real estate field.. she has full control over a new home community in castle rock… so today… we got to go spend the whole day with her… which has been tough on weekends… where i am like the dad that gets the kids on the weekends…
the kids watched movies on the tvs there and i got to hack around the network that they have there (odd.. very odd config)… the ssid of the wireless there was just some random jumble.. and then there was a hidden ssid that was that was one that i would have expected…. i know.. no working on sunday.. but i was oncall and it was for fun

so.. you can tell that i took my gear today…

the nice thing was… i saw us all in this huge house that we would never be able to afford… that had tvs built into the mirrors in the bathroom (yes multiple) and the shower was the size of our current bathroom as a whole.

maybe if my wife sells a bunch of those.. we can buy one.. but for now.. we will settle for family time in a model home… that is like 4 times the house we have now.

on the way home… we stopped by and had dinner at saltgrass steak house… my wife had some high expectations .. i had none.. and i was still disappointed.. oh well. i am just glad my parents were not able to make it today..


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