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so… we were in houston a few weeks back and saw this.  charge your cell for $3.00 … or … you figure it out


have been having issues with my blackberry bold… it has been my favorite in my 8+ years using blackberrys, but in the past month, i have had 3 replacements.

att even sent a replacement with a cracked screen…

what a pain cause it is on BES and all the apps and restore

maybe time to upgrade to the blackberry bold2 9700 onyx .. and what is with all the numbers and different names… that has been a weird change too

i just want phone to work and my emails…

so another flipping shooting by a whackadoo .. this time killing a guard at the holocaust memorial museum in DC.

in the past few weeks, we had the killing of george tiller (the baby killer abortionist), we had the shooting in alabama army recruiting center where one of the 2 recruiters shot is dead… but you would not know it happened based on the volume of coverage for george tiller.

and today, the shooting by some 89 year old white supremacist james von brunn… who took a rifle and a sawed off shotgun i think.. and shot a guard before two other guards shot him.

some are going to play the political game and say that this was a right wing extremist…

no.. this is a freaking hard core neo-nazi douche bag that does not represent any sane view on society.  i also hear that he is part of the 9/11 truth conspiracy movement as well and will be celebrated as a hero to taking action … and specifically against the jews.

the guy that shot george tiller is a douche and a crazy fruit cake.  he does not truly believe in pro-life.. as his action contradicts the message of the sanctity of life… no matter what stage.

the guy that shot the recruiters is a douche and a crazy fruit cake.  he is a recent convert to islam… and said that he felt this was a act of war so does not consider his actions murder.  hey janet napolitano, does this count as a man made disaster? and i did not see muslims listed in that list of domestic terrorists of yours.  and odd that during obama giving his speeches in muslim countries, this story has been buried

this guy shooting at a holocaust memorial is a freaking douche.  he is an old man.. but i would water board him.  i would put him into stress positions.  i would just junk punch the hell out of him… just because

this is as clear a sign that it does not matter the politics, the religion, whatever… some people are just freakin crazy and have no sense of what it means to live in a country that starts with: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

these guys have no right to take these unalienable rights away from any other person

i am perplexed by the americans that feel that guantanamo  bay  is the deepest scariest hell hole that we have detained prisoners of war or those that are hard to classify as the geneva convention do not apply …

and how dear leader kim jong il has two american reporters in work camps…

i wonder which is worse.  i wonder how guantanamo stacks against prisons, prisoner treatment in other countries, and the base accommodations that terrorists and enemy combatants are treated compared to 2 women that were filming on/near/across the border in north korea

i wonder if lisa ling had a choice for her sister… would she pick the north korean prison camp or guantanamo bay for her sister laura ling and euna lee.  i bet you that other than not having to server a prison term at all.. that she would pick 12 years at guantanamo bay versus any prision camp in any other country

it makes me mad that people have no perspective on the lengths that the US seems to take… even for caring for terrorists… compared to things that i have heard happening in prison camps in north korea.  rape, force abortions, real work camp in mines and deplorable conditions and sometimes death…. none of which have happened at guantanamo

the US is giving habius corpus rights to people picked up outside of the country… none citizens or residence of the country … and those that are trying to kill them.  yes mr ACLU … if they had a chance, they would kill you.

look at what they are going to do with the chinese muslims … they are looking in a south pacific for another island to hold these prisoners … because they know that they cant try them in a normal court of law.

it is great that they want to close guantanamo … but they are just going to have to rebuild something someplace else … or extend things in places like supermax in colorado .. and living in denver.. i do not want these guys anywhere near my family .. even in a supermax.  dont you guys watch prision break?  i dont want colorado to become a target .. we love being semi anonymous  and i would some other place being hit first if they decide to attack again

people may feel that guantanamo is bad …. but compared to north korean prison camps .. i would volunteer to go to guantanamo bay versus spending any time in anything that north korea will dish out.  they need to look at the scale of what they think is ‘torture’ that may be inflicted on terrorists… compared to day to day _torture_ that north koreans being caught trying to flee to china, having a bible, speaking against the government…  aside from some of the fringe people… most people understand that even if you voiced protest against obama .. you will not be ‘disappeared’ like you might in other countries.

the only saving grace for the women is that they are american and being used as pawns in the nuclear crazy dear leader death spiral game … and they will be kept relatively safe, fed, and in good condition to be presented on tv etc …

what the hell happened with this family? i think kate was a fame monger and jon was just blasé about the whole thing… just liked the check every month.  i get glimpses when my wife or kids watch the show and generally i am just in the room working when the show is on or they watch off dvr.  i always just felt that jon was a pansy for letting his wife brow beat him all the time… and allowing her to just make him look stupid all the time

so i guess the rumor is that jon had an affair with a 23 teacher lady… and kate was doing her bodyguard.  at the minimum, it seems that both have had inappropriate  emotional attachments and spending way too much time with these ‘others’ .. to give the perception that there were issues

and what the hell was that show where they are sitting separately and doing their post show things apart … just feeding the full to the fire.

as christians… should they even be fueling the gossip?  should i be even blogging about this?

they both claim and are being made fun of on shows like the soup… that it is all about the kids and it should be.  they have put the well being of their kids by seeking the fame and celebrity.  what kind of speaking tours is kate going to give when the topic that she is supposed to be speaking it, being a christian mother to multiples and keeping a strong marriage, is being blasted away?

i hope they saved some of that money they get for allowing every aspect of their lives to be filmed and whoring out their kids … again for fame.  i mention it, cause i saw a shot where jon is driving around in a audi r8 sports car (yeah, real practical for the 8 kids) .. and i guess they just moved into a huge new house or something

i guess the controversy is good for ratings… i am just SOOOOO happy that the leaning channel (TLC) is contributing and becoming a tabloid feed .. not with just this show, but all of the midgets, 16 kids family or whatever the new flavor is.  i am just surprised that they did not give octomom a show.. since that is what she was probably looking for

once wish … gosselins … get off the f’ing tv.  live off the royalties and stuff .. and get out of the limelight.   repair your marriage.  take care of your kids. ’nuff said

can you hear the song?

recently, i went on a 24 day no-shaving documentation tour to show you the plight of the asian man and the ability to grow some facial hair.  this was a shave @ easter time, and then not touching a razor for more than 3 weeks.  I will make an animated video of it for you all to laugh at…

anyway, the thing that i wanted to show was that looks are deceiving.  up until i was about 7, i had coppery/reddish hair and it started to get darker with age… the weird part was that hair on my chin was about 30% red/coppery so it blended in with my skin and so it looked like i had even less hair

so here is the picture of my chin after 24 days…

hair on my chinny chin chin

again… more than 3 weeks of not shaving anywhere on my face … and that is all i got.  it does come in like a decent gotee shape and everything, but it is sparse at best

so hopefully this pic is a clear indication that it is not for lack of trying, it just ‘looks’ like there is less hair because of  my red hairs… which also helped foster the freak of nature korean thing…

  • roundish eyes
  • red hair
  • 6 foot 4 inches tall
  • ability to speak decent korean and freaking people out at korean markets and restaurants

ok.. this commercial is funny cause they actually got a native korean spaker to do it.. and the subtitles match the spoken word pretty well.. but what i am trying to understand is the concept…  i kept watching it over and over — thank you dvr

i understand they want to have ‘auditions’ for cows to come to california… but an asian cow?  a korean cow?  for a cheese commercial?

if you have not seen it… here it is

now… props for getting a cow names ‘soo’ and using the line ‘pick soo, shes got soul/seoul’

now we deconstruct this thing….

  • like i said.. MOST asians are severely lactose intolerant or to some degree.  we are more highly evolved and stop producing lactase once we are done succling.  i loves me ice cream and pizza.. but i pay for it later
  • aren’t there enough stereotypes of asians wanting to come to america… and into california in particular?  do we need fresh off the boat cows too?
  • do we need a korea bovine town now in LA?
  • they used the wrong kind of cow.  korean cows are generally brown… and not balck and white like the american dairy cow
  • korean cows.. similar to japanese kobe beef are pampered… cause there is not a lot of land for open pastures … and are given tea and other weird treatment to make the meat so much mo the better

I guess the only thing they got right is that korea would be sending beef to the US… cause korea liked to stop imports of american beef anytime there is any scare of mad cow

i bet the pork imports will stop now too… cause we have enough animal flus … we stick to the birds and you guys can keep the mad cow and swine flu

the market showed how much they trust barack and the tax and other plans that he and the majority democrats are going to try and put into law… and i hope barack enjoys his victory.. as it is gonna cost all of us something


all 4 indecies were down more than 5% …

i am pretty sure that HOPE is supposed to make the lines go the other way

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this picture just says it all …. obama bending over for whitey

actually the induction battery charger for my spinal neural stimulator by advanced bionics … has been recalled … awesome.

i hope that i do not catch on fire like the chargers for the iPhones…

it does get really warm when i am charging but never to a point where i feared burning up… maybe i should go get tazered so i can get a complete new set

during the first presidental debate, barack obama called john mccain by his first name almost 2 dozen times … instead of using the proper title of senator mccain, mr mccain, or the like.  it was john this, john that…  read it here

what kind of little punk does that?  this is someone that is one vote away from becoming president of the united states… is he going to call leader of the other party by their first name? how about leaders of other countries?

first, he has no respect for an elder… isnt this something that we all learned as kids?  is this because he has daddy issues?

second, john mccain continued to call barack by his title, senator obama throughout the debate

it is a little thing, but that is one of those things that i hate about some in news, politics and talk radio

they will call bill clinton, jummy carter, newt gingrich, and others that are no longer in office with their former title, but they call the current president, geirge bush, by just bush, mr bush, and not president… and barack saying.. this has been YOUR president… referencing george bush.  so the left still feels that president bush is not their president… so can the right say the same thing if barack gets into office?

i know.. i call barack and john by their first name.. but that is cause i dont like either of them.  if i had a vote, i would not have voted for any of the 4 people on the 2 tickets…   i am just an alien and you americans just take my taxes and i get no say…

i heard this as i was heading to work this morning but had to read it for myself … this has to do with hillary clinton withdrawing from attending the anti-iran rally in new york read more here

this is the quote that got me…

“Her attendance was news to us, and this was never billed to us as a partisan political event,” a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, Philippe Reines, said on Wednesday. “Senator Clinton will therefore not be attending.”

umm… is hillary TRYING to look like a bitter partisan from the SNL skit from this past weekend where the ‘fake’ hillary said that she thought she would be there alone.

i am trying to understand how the rally would NOT have been a partisan political event when it was just hillary there … but all of a sudden it turns INTO a partisan political event when a member of the opposition party is there with you.  by definition, would the appearance of both of them make it a bipartisan event?  or at least show iran that your feelings are not going to be hurt just because they invited the pretty girl to the party and you think you are going to be outshadowed in your politically motivated acceptance of the rally in the first place.

i think that is the image that iran needs to see… we are anti-you as long as palin is not there.  or we are anti-you until we are going to look like a SNL skit.

come on hillary.  cant you put aside your fangs for one day and just support Israel… as the UN announces today that iran is retrofitting their missiles/rockets to carry nuclear payload.  and we all know where those are headed

man.. i am not sure if i am ready for either obama or palin becoming the next president… geez they both have no experience.  they both speak well but palin seems to have more energy.

but then i remember that it is obama v mccain.

they are both one heart beat away from handing the presidency to the vp selections… and i am not sure if either biden or palin are good choices…. i think biden ran 3 times now for president and this is the closest he has gotten.. cause the obamas and clintons hate each other

i think that people are coming around now.. on the experience thing and focusing on obama v mccain

i have a pretty twisted sense of humor and see fun in a lot of odd things.. but this just made me want to punch the person in the face….

haha … retards love palin …. uh… wait …. her baby tig has down syndrome….ha .. wtf!

yeah… lets keep the discourse civil and not attack each other… and this is the kind of crap the left does… really makes me want to support their cause


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