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charlie gibson asked sarah palin about the bush doctrine… and i wonder what he thought it meant.  i dont think bush has ever published his doctrine… it was generally the press or tv media that tagged his statements as ‘the bush doctrine’

i am not trying to defend sarah palin and surprised that she was not ready for that question, but also trying to figure out in my own mind what the ‘bush doctrine’ really is

is it the wikipedia version? is it the administrations version? is it the conservative version? is it the liberal version? is it the media version?

in all of the speeches, i think there are 4 distinct versions out there….

the original was the speech right after 9/11 when bush said that any state sponsors of terrorists would be  treated the same as terrorists.

the media ceased on the right of america to pre-emptively attack any nation that posed a threat roughly in sept 2002

there was another that the administration belief that they would work through international when possible, then through ad-hoc coalition of willing if they needed, and finally act alone to meet terrorist threats

and finally there is the narrative of the ability of the united states to remove terrorists by spreading democracy in the middle east … namely iraq

so people might jump on sarah palin about her not knowing what charlie meant by the question, but i think she also did fine asking in what respect or scope the question was trying to get an answer

there is so much talk about barack being such a great speaker.. and granted… he does read speeches well like his acceptance speech.

the issue seems to be when he is off prompter and in sit down interviews… he uses ‘ummm’ almost every few words, hem and haws, pauses, uses things like ‘come on’, ‘you know’, makes gaffs like the ‘my muslim faith’ and ’57 states’ things that are just goofy, and just makes me so frustrated listening to him that i want to punch him in the face through the tv or the youtubes or the radio

on the other hand, sarah palin has given a well read speech as well during the convention and also had to deal with a teleprompter that lost its mind and she basically was off prompter for the second half of her speech and she still did a fine job.

i was trying to compare the interviews that obama has given over the many months .. actually years now, compared to the week 2 weeks of sarah palin getting the full on frontal barrage that she has had to deal with… and this.. being her first nationally televised interview

for someone that is touted as being very articulate and a great speaker… i do  not see that when he is off prompter or in live forums….

also… i thought the body language was interesting… note that barack kept leaning forward and trying to touch bill oreilly on the knee or something… 😉

these are baracks interview with bill oreilly

here are sarah palins interviews with charlie gibson


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