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this is for a cousin of mine….

so hillary and barack want to put a windfall profits tax on exxon mobile cause they recorded a record profit… well.. think about it… gas prices are high, exxon is global, and they sell something that everyone is generally using more and more of than they used to even a year ago… so if you do that math … of course they are going to have a huge profit.

the thing that hillary and barack do not tell you is that the profit is what is left over…. they actually made more… but they had to give some of it to the government in taxes already… wanna guess as to how much in taxes they paid? … lets take 2007 …. in 2007, exxon mobile paid almost $68 billion dollars in taxes to the united states… heck with that amount, you would have thought they kept like like $100 billion or something… but actually.. they paid more in taxes than they made in the united states… which amounted to about $48 billion.  hmmm… that does not seem right at all … and just because the number of their first quarter earnings was $11 billion in profits… democrats went ape-crap over it… and wanted to tax the hell out of big mean old oil… cause they made $11 billion in profit. they had a margin of profit about 8% … really.. people are going batty cause the oil companies made 8% profit…

if we take that as a high mark.. then there are a lot of other companies that _should_ be in trouble…

i live next to the manager of the 5 apple stores here in the denver area… so he will not like this post.. but apple made a 31% gain in revenue due to the release of the new iphone.  and their profit margin is close to 15% .. nearly double that of exxon.  and heck… that is more than 4 times exxons growth… why not tax them.  why not make apple give everyone a ipod or an iphone… so… why not hate on apple?

even companies like ge made more in percentage than exxon … at over 10%.  computer industry had over 13%, warren buffett made more than 29% increase in 2007 with bershire hathaway, and koreas own LG made a 500%+ increase between 2006 and 2007… where were the calls to tax them?

how about our own local success story crocs sandels… they are running at about 5000 employees and they made over $64 million in profits last year… on foam sandels…

in the world of tolerance… people are getting ignorant and miopic to their own prejudices and double standards…

all the college students that have macbooks/macbook pros and ipods are not calling for the big apple empire to be taxes and hated .. because they use it and like the product… but their perception is that oil is bad …

i am glad that my daughter got to come to bring your kid to work day when i was at the oil firm… she saw all of the processes .. starting from the geologists that try to figure out where oil is, to the wildcatters and riggers that go out to see if there is anything there worth drilling for, the process from crude to refinement, from the different processes from drilling for oil to drilling for gas… and how they try to go back to ’empty wells’ and try to get more out of them with new technologies… and then the process of paying royalties to the government for drilling for certain types of minerals and natural resources to paying for tankers to and from well to refinery, to paying to pipelines usage, getting leases for areas to drill in, fight enviromental groups for areas like anwar or the plains of colorado for shale, try to figure out alternatives like shale, oil sands, and on and on…

i dont think anyone would want to be taxed more than 60% of what they earn, and then be villified for the percentage they got to keep and have people like barack say he wants to take it away and give $1000 to every family in america…

there are commercials by t boone pickens talking about transfer of wealth … but what barack is promoting is redistribution of wealth in the classic communist model… he is not robin hood…

think about if exxon just said screw it.. we dont want to deal with the bad press and crap about windfall taxes and stopped work tomorrow…. think about the havoc.  think about actual lives that would be affected.  you could not drive to work or school.  ambulances would not be able to take patients to get saved.  not heating and air conditioning… no pizza deliveries…

and think about if a company like apple stopped producing… would anybody die? i am as big an apple fan as any… but i would be able to live without a new mac if my old one kept going… and my ipods and nanos were not dropped and destroyed.

without oil/gas.. we all die. really.  we talk about giving teachers raises because they are important… well.. why begrudge oil companies for making some money for something that we all use…

it is all a shell game (sorry not trying to bring another oil company pun) … it used to be big bad tobacco.. and we all saw how wisely the states used the funds from the settlements because people chose to light up and smoke even after everyone told them it was bad for them… and then big bad pharmaceuticals until they started making boner pills and then all the old democrats laid off them … uh.. again, not trying to use a pun.  and now the stalwort big bad oil … until they all need lube for their car or expedition into africa or private plane flight to give a speech … wait.. they have those needs now.. why do they still hate you big oil?

pick whomever you want to hate and they get the windfall profits tax…

so back to exxon mobil … they have close to 110,000 employees world wide.  that means that their $11 billion profit is like $100.00 profit per employee.


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